In light of all the assignment and tests and all the back to back classes and all the other hustle and bustle of this law thing, we really should loosen those neckties and unwind. So, with our usual tradition for the extraordinary, we present to you #CatchYourSub. Here, you get to freely express or throw that sub you’ve always wanted to about a certain someone or something in the faculty 🌚

Here are the rules:

1. You can only reference a person with ‘your MCM’ or ‘your WCW’ 

2. No name calling. 

3. No name calling. 

It’s all fun and games! 

Do make wise and judicious use of the comment box.. 😊😊

Sub away! 


  1. Your mcm is claiming upcoming artist his voice sounds terrible tell your mcm to quit now or remain upcoming for ever
    Anyway your mcm is in law class of ykr?


  2. My wcw is in class of ’21 her eyes and those black stuff she applies … she is so cute and so mean 😢i like her but she doesn’t even know i exist


  3. Your MCM is a ladies man that has a short attention span so is never actually interested enough to get exclusive with a girl, even after she has given him the green light. He’s done this a bunch of times over the years, and it’s probably a bit annoying. He’s in the class of ’18 and is a type of rep…


  4. your WcW is a malnourished looking broomstick who cheats on her boyfriend with her bestie. she is a drug addict that looks like an HIV patient. your WcW is also a unilag whore, who has *ron* out of holes to put a dick in . she’s in lc’20.

    your McM is fat fool from diploma who feels he can leave the ‘friendzone’ and start toasting a girl who obviously has a better chance at winning the lottery than having a future with him. your McM feels he can play the ‘number 9’ position better than robert and to top it up, he’s also on robert’s flufa team. maybe he should try playing with *sam* other girls

    your WcW is a fiona-looking person whose breasts were pumped by the *vulcanizer*. she has the issue of always clinging to guys, maybe because* the vulcanizer* should stop pumping and start doing some real I.P stuff .afterall, *consoles* wear out too

    your Mcm is that guy at the back of the class who always waits for everyone to leave then he starts reading for the tutorial classes he holds for year 2 courses whereas he carried-over all his courses and his mother’s oversized excuse of a head. your McM likes blessing like an ASSistant

    your WcW is a Gorilla haired-girl whose head game is nothing good to write about. she feels she’s the alpha wolf of her group whereas her boyfriend from Bus.admin has been WOLFING one of her friends from her clique. your WcW comes to class late and has currently had sex with a puppy


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