Let me take you to a place
The mood is the 90’s
The song is by Britney Spears
The people are dressed in baggy trousers and saggy blouses
The atmosphere is characterized by love, peace and joy

Let me take you to a place
A place where the people had hope in the government
Where one naira still existed
And we could buy tasty time for ten naira
Where cheese balls tasted more like cheese and not balls

Let me take you to a place
Where children anticipated the arrival of their parents in the cool evening
Where darkness descended from 5pm just before the ozone layer was depleted
Where parents still had time to walk their kids to school before facing the pressures of the day
Where “hanging out” meant playing make believe with your friends in the sand
The place of dancing in the rain without a care for the consequences

Let me take you to a place
A place we used to know and we might never know
A place where dreams and hopes were birthed
A place where all you had to worry about was your next meal

Now come with me to a place
Your reality
With school work and societal pressures
A place I hope you survive
So you can go back to the place you used to know.


Scribbled by a law student aspiring to become a chef.


  1. “More like cheese and not balls” 😂😂

    This is an exquisite, nostalgic piece. We look forward to more.


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