The office of the Vice President of the faculty has been stereotyped over the years since the inception of the office to have been reserved for the female gender. Until recently, the opposite sex wanted to prove them wrong, but unfortunately, he stepped down for “personal reasons, circumstances, considerations and some family entreaties and for reasons that can’t be disclosed.” So, again, we are left with female candidates.

We had a chit chat with them, and if their male counterpart pulling out from the race was any kind of “relief”…



Onyinye as she is popularly known among her classmates and friends is a calm, hardworking and dedicated person. The ADR society has witnessed her commitment to tasks assigned to her and her classmates have shared testimonies on how she is hardworking. In this interview with the now Vice Presidential aspirant, we get to know Onyinye’s reason for running and her plans for the faculty. Seeing as Onyinye is a very busy person, this interview was done virtually.

You are popularly known as Onyinye but what is your full name?

ONYINYE: Igweonu Onyinye Anthonia.

Any interesting family background?

ONYINYE: well, I am the 5th child out of 6 children.

Do you have any political background or experience?

ONYINYE: No, I do not.

Why do you want to become the Vice President of the Law Students Society?

ONYINYE: To contribute my quota to the LSS. I believe that the role of the Vice President overtime has been underrated and supposedly limited to the Law Ladies Day while in reality the work permeates all functions of the executive. I believe there has to be a change. Moreso, there are certain existing structures I believe has to be revamped or improved to take account of the complaints and needs of students.

What are your plans for the LSS?

ONYINYE: My plans for LSS include Revamping existing structures and welfarism of law students through inclusiveness and social welfarism. I cannot state all of my plans now so as not to put my manifesto in danger.

What do you think you possess that other aspirants do not?

ONYINYE: I believe my opponents and I are unique. However, I believe I have ideas that could benefit the Law Students’ Society and as a go-getter and determined person, I would really improve the LSS.

How do you plan to balance responsibilities as the VP with school?

ONYINYE: Life is multifaceted, multitasking and challenging so one must always learn and imbibe the art of balance. The key factor while holding a position and also not neglecting one’s education would be going the extra mile.



Any last words?

ONYINYE: I believe in the vision of a Revamped LSS, vote me as the LSS vice president and let us revamp the society together.




Meeting someone for the first time could really be amazing sometimes especially when you meet an interesting one. As the LSS elections are fast approaching, there’s great need to meet the aspirants of the various positions in the LSS. So, I had to arrange a meeting with a young lady who is aspiring to be the next Vice President of the LSS. One thing I must add was her quick readiness and availability to meet with me on such a short notice despite our busy and contradicting schedule.

With great pleasure, I would like you all to meet  FAYINKA ABISOLA TIWALADE, a 300 level law student who is currently aspiring to be the next vice president of the LSS. Here’s a breakdown of how our meeting went.


Why do you want to serve in the LSS?

BISOLA: I joined the faculty in my 200 level after my diploma and from that period till now, the faculty has given me and impacted me a lot through the learnings I have gotten from working with the different associations I have worked with. So my own way of giving back to the LSS and the faculty is by serving in the LSS, being the biggest platform in the faculty of law.

So why Vice President ?

BISOLA: I took my time through my 200 level to survey to survey what I wanted to do. After my survey, I decided to do something in the faculty, so I joined some societies and served there. Aside these societies, I also worked closely with the LSS. I worked closely with the ‘former Vice President’, Tamilore Sowunmi…

I had to cut in at this point. Excuse me madam. When did you remove Tamilore from her seat of Vice President. hmmmm…… is like this young lady is planning coup already. *smiles* She immediately corrected herself and went on. ( Tamilore please forgive her)

BISOLA: I worked with the “current Vice President, Tamilore” and I saw the great effort she put into setting the standard she set for the LSS. I worked with her at the last LAWSAN Convention and at the LAW LADIES DAY as a committee member. I realized that coupled with the skills I have gotten from serving for the other societies in the faculty such as the OIL AND GAS BAR AND UNILAG LAW REVIEW, I had the experience from Tamilore and I decided that there is no better position to serve in than that of the Vice President of the LSS and I am in the best position to take over from Tamilore.

She admitted to admiring Tamilore a lot and accepted Tamilore as her mentor because she acknowledged the great things Tamilore has done while in her current position. Tamilore basically inspires her *winks*

What are your chances against your opponent, Onyinye?

BISOLA: I will not say that I have any chances against her but I will only say that my unique experience will set me apart. The skill I have acquired from working in all the places I have served will set me apart from any person that is running against me.

I cut in again.

Are you saying that Onyinye has no experience?

BISOLA: No I will not say that. I will only say that people have seen me do this. They have seen me work with people before and leadership is about team work and service and I have served before and people have seen this. People can testify to my experience.


What are your plans for the LSS if you win this position?

BISOLA: My hashtag is BESPOKE and it means Specifically Designed For A Particular Purpose. I want to create an LSS that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the LSS. We need to focus on the major things needed to meet the needs of the average law student, which includes our academic life, social life and general welfare. We do not need much. As long as these three major areas are okay, then we would be fine by doing the little things that matter to us. We would go a long way in affecting each and every law student in the faculty. So, that is what I want to achieve. I want to make sure that when the LSS is doing anything, every single law student has the right to know what the LSS is doing. Also, if a law student has a problem in the faculty, he/she should be able to communicate it to the LSS excos and the excos should be able to help and be able to know about the steps they have taken to help them. We should be accountable.



Vote for your candidate here:


Again, please, this is not in any way the official voting site, neither does it determine the winner of the election. This is just for estimating public opinion. We do understand that it only represents a sample of the total population of the faculty. Furthermore it has been shown that people may act differently in real life.






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