Hi. Good day

How’re you doing today?

You look beautiful, as always

You’re sending my brain off the railways…..


So I guess this is a confession.. of some sort

Because it appears that your attention is something I’ve sought,

unsuccessfully though.. as shown by the fact that I’ve not said a single word to you

I love the gown by the way.. I feel it’s a perfect fit..

For you.. and your afro hair…


Okay I got distracted,

I guess anyone who thinks of you WILL get distracted

Back to the confession

The thing that’s causing me so  much confusion

Okay, baby rhymes I know

But I’m sort of nervous just writing about this, you know?

I don’t know how you’ll take it.. though I’m hopeful

I guess….


I like you

Like the way you look and the way you talk

The way u straighten the strands of your hair

Nerveless and effortless, yet captivating

I would really like to know you better

Though it’s hard when I can’t keep up simple WhatsApp banter

But it’s difficult to do that when you barely reply

It so turns out that this poem Is what I’ll rely

on…. And see if I can get to you…


What do you say?




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