One of the biggest determinants for how a semester gets to look for any student, is what they had experienced the holiday before. The last holiday was a bummer for some and for some, a good and properly used privilege. The mere idea that we were going to be home for a month had perused the minds of students both ways. Some thought, “What would I do at home for a whole month?”. Others thought however, “What firms do I intern at? I need to make myself useful”. The entire proposed holiday came and was about ending as expected, but with four days to our supposed resumption, students were hit hard with the news reading: “ASUU goes on strike”.

Three whole months at home was no small deal for lots of students. Friendships that should have been nurtured during that period got disrupted due to too much distance. The internet or online communication does not solve everything was the lesson learned. Brains that should have been active got diminishing returns for breakfast, lunch and dinner day after day. The pressure from parents towards the child with the aim of making the latter have himself or herself become useful at something kept pushing on.

While some privileged to open doors such as learning trades, getting different internships at firms, companies, good and accurate information about ways to make themselves useful, some others stayed numb at home, chatting on the phone with friends only, no information, no jobs, no trades, no internships, not even the zeal to read a line from the seemingly difficult next-stage Law textbooks or textbooks in general. From there, depression and anxiety set in. Pressure from fathers or mothers to see the son or daughter get off their butts and start doing anything or something else apart from eat their food and spend their money kept affecting and causing such emotions to persist.

Now what is the bone of contention? We all (students) arrived at school back in February to face the consequences of whatever we had done with our times at home during the strike period. Some of us came back with stories of experiences while some of us came back with no stories at all. Do not let that still define or affect the present.

After experiencing what could be some of us’ first ever strike period experience as undergraduate students, it is only natural that we have regrets about not doing a lot of things with all that time to maybe progress our CVs and all looking at how much we are told the outside world is competitive. This piece does not seek to justify such but seeks to rather sympathize with such and offer advice.

The world hasn’t ended. The mere fact that such a good opportunity was missed doesn’t mean we should keep holding on to the past and not see future privileges. Try to cover up for the time missed. Get information, participate in activities, reunite with friends, make and create your own stories. It will of course not be easy, but does anything good ever come easy? We look forward to seeing lot of dry bones arise before hopefully not, ASUU goes on strike again. Lol. Remember, the goal is to learn from our mistakes, work at our own pace, sometimes step outside our comfort zone, grow higher and make it big.



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