Ruins – A Story by Tomini.

‘It’s over between us and fuck you!’ I say as I hurry out of Dami’s car. If I strain my ears enough, I think I can still ear the echoes of my voice. Or maybe that’s just my mind. I make sure to slam the door before I break into a run tears running down my cheeks as I put my hand to cover my mouth. While running, I can hear him screaming my name as he runs after me. After making a few turns here and there, I find myself lost in a street I have no idea about. I mean it’s Dami’s area not mine. The street is dark, I can only make out a dim light at the far end. There are litters everywhere, it smells of stale vomit. I back one wall and slump to the floor, letting my tears roll down freely.

‘Please, please don’t do this to me.’

‘Shut up.’ ‘Please Sharon. Sharon let me explain.’ I immediately stop crying and jerk my head towards the voices I hear. Its coming from where I can see the dim light. I start panicking, contemplating what to do. I wish I have my phone with me to at least call Dami. It isn’t until I hear the first gunshot I jump up, hand covering my mouth.

‘That was a warning. Shut the fuck up or the next one will be real.’


‘Yess yes… better’ the voice says. It sounds like a lady. Her voice carries a soothing yet scared nature. She sounds unsure of what to do. She breaks into a nervous laugh saying ‘fuck’ almost every second.

I’m still standing, unsure of what to do. I unconsciously make my way towards the voices. I stop when I can make out their shadows. I hide behind a wall and watch.

It is a man and a lady. The man is on his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks uncontrollably, he sniffs often. The lady is with a gun in one hand, the other hand is on her head, ruffling her hair now and then. She seems unsettled, pacing around while laughing nervously. I gulp.

‘Honestly.’ She starts to say and then stops pacing. She continues, ‘Honestly, I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to do it. To shoot you. You don’t deserve to die like this. You should be tortured.’ She laughs again, that shaking laughter, the laughter that makes her seem like laughing is the last thing she wants to do.

‘But I don’t have the luxury of time. So it’s going to be two bullets. One in your heart and the other in your head.’

‘Please…’ he begs, crying as he muffles some other words I can’t hear.

‘Please?’ She asks calmly while walking closer to him. She bends and leans towards him

‘Please??’ She asks again, raising her voice this time.

‘Funny how that was the exact word I said. The only word I could say. But did you..’ she says and then stops, jerking her head towards my direction. I can see her face now and I take a few steps backwards hurriedly I almost fall. She looks away, she couldn’t have seen me, I am in the dark.

‘I need to get this over with before someone sees me’ she says as she stands up and takes two steps backwards.

‘Please.’ He pleads tiredly and bends his head. He must have realized there’s no way he’s getting out of this alive.

‘Look at me’ she barks and he jerks his head up, facing her.

She smiles and cocks her gun. ‘Ple…’ He starts to say but is cut short by a bullet in his chest.

I jump and fall to the ground, covering my mouth with both hands to avoid screaming.

He falls dead on the ground, and she proceeds to put another bullet in his head. I’m crying really hard this time, trying my best to do so silently.

She turns to my direction,

‘I’m not a bad person. I swear I’m not.’ She laughs nervously as he puts her hand in the hair, ruffling it.

‘He ruined me. He raped me. Took my innocence just like that. I swear, he ruined me.’ She says and it dawns on me she knows someone is here, that I am here.

‘He ruined me…’ she says whispering as she begins walking towards my direction.

I stand up and turn, running as fast as I can. I don’t know far I’ve gone as I bump into someone.

‘Pl…pl..…’ I start to say as the person pulls me in a hug. I cry, hugging back when I realize it’s Dami.

‘Please don’t scare me like that again. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Please don’t do that to me again. Don’t ever leave me. Ever’ He says but I just continue to cry.

‘ Please let’s get out of her. Please.’ I say as I lead him towards the car and he drives away. I don’t know what happened after that.

It’s morning and the news of the death of the CEO of Berte Company is dead, his body found on the street with gunshot wounds on his chest and head. The police are asking for any witness or anyone who knows the killer or has a lead to come forward as the victim’s family is willing to give a huge amount of money to such person. They want justice.

So many things are running through my mind. A part of me wants to go to the police. No it’s not for the money, I just need to tell someone, I’m still shocked. His face is all I see. His pleas are all I hear. As for Justice? I think Justice has been done. He raped her. Didn’t he deserve to die? If I go rat on her, wouldn’t it mean he still ruins her even in his death? She’ll go to jail or maybe even serve a death sentence.

‘What’s wrong babe?’ I hear Dami ask and I smile at him. How can I tell him I’ve thinking, human vulnerability is one thing that can never ever leave my head? That It’s there as the image of Charles Berte’s dead body falling to the ground after a gunshot.

Ibitoye Oluwatomini.

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