A Review of The Law Fiesta.

A spoiler — It was “MAAADD”

The Law Fiesta is officially the second event on the social calendar of the Law Students Society. It has been in the works since the ending of last year and we can say proper preparation actually makes a perfect program. It was the first of its kind as the name Law Fiesta was an umbrella name for the already existing Law Gots Talent which happened for the seventh time in history, the second edition of the Miss Law, and a fusion of the LSS Fashion Showcase.

The event was on 3rd May 2019, and it fell on a Friday, a slightly free day for Law students, it was scheduled to start by 10 am but didn’t start till around 12 o’clock (please start early next time )which didn’t really sit well with a lot of people but people still had to turn up for their friends who were contesting or showcasing. The opening performance was by Kosisochukwu in 300 level and it was very amazing. The sexy rendition of “Dangerous Woman” by Noro too was also an highlight of the event. The main competition started with the contestants of Miss Law strutting their stuff to a mad tune by Beyoncé played by DJ Wesco Barley and they didn’t disappoint , it was at that point the hosts talented hosts Toroti and Toby Thugger announced that a contestant,Miss Gender has dropped out of the competition. The idea of naming the contestants according to courses in the faculty is indeed a brilliant one.

After the introductory walk by the Miss Law contestants, the Laws Got Talent began proper. Several talented students took the stage and exhibited their talents and it was really amazing but the elimination stages came and some of the crowds favorites were cut away ,especially a particular Year 1 girl that sang RESPECT by Aretha Franklin.

For the Laws got talent, it was quite difficult to chose who was to be the winner because most of them gave outstanding performances. Some people in the audience also were not happy about the winners chosen but that’s normal for every competition. Bada Oladunni, a 400 level student, blew everyone’s minds though with his second performance and got most of us waving our flashlights. Lmao. Scholar with a difference. He won first place of course. Second place was given to Promise Oluchime, a 200 level student who got everyone’s attention with his spoken words in a rap form and of course, the excessive noise his supporters were making (Law ’22 boys can shout😂). In third place was Faculty of Law’s very own ‘Asha’, Uyi, a 300 level student.

The Fashion Showcase was wonderful,the first designer showcases her line of female clothing which had a fusion of classy and altè, the show was opened by Ngozi ,a model from 300 level who gave the Rihanna song a nice entry air, followed by Tobi Ajayi, who gave off major Kendall-Jenner vibes as she took a break from her hosting duties ,the women’s wear show was closed by a model in pink dress and it was all together amazing. The men’s wear segment wasn’t disappointing as Akin Jegede brought eye candy for the ladies and they were happy I personally loved the print wear worn by the closing model, it was modern and gave off fresh vibes.

The most controversial part of the law Fiesta was the Miss Law segment, based on popular view. The most appreciated performances were those of Miss Energy, she promised to show some energetic actions and she really did ,her traditional segment was a South African tribal dance and it really blew our minds off and her talent show segment was satirical and appreciated as it addressed the issue of rape, bribery and corruption.

When it was time for the Miss Law final stage, the contestants brought their A- game and tons of glam and also had really handsome and gentlemanly escorts.

The question and answer session was not so tense like most pageants as the questions were very simple and the contestants answered with eloquence and grace but as we all know there is always a winner. Famous business woman Toyin Lawani , social media influencer Pamilerin and Halimat Magaji were present to judge and crown the winner and the beautiful Miss Equity, Bisola Akinboye in 400 level who was deserving of the title and the crown though the crowning made the crowd agitated as majority believed the First Runner Up, Miss Energy was more deserving than Miss Equity, but the judges knew exactly what they wanted to be the winning factor.

The whole Fiesta ended with the performance by guest artistes which was well received by the crowd . T-classic performed his Hit song “Nobody fine pass you” and Barry Jay performed other songs too as well as “Aiye” which got everyone singing along, basically. After everything, they didn’t even allow someone to celebrate small before security started saying everyone should leave.

Let’s not forget the food court on the terrace,it was maaaad!!!!!!. We hope some people were not wrecked yesterday because it was an amazing variety of food and drinks. The sponsors of the event, Rubies ,Zaron ,Dominos and Coldstone ,Indomie ,Hawaiian Spa were all on ground and some people in the audience won gifts and money.

The Law Fiesta was an amazing and well planned event. Shout out to the Social Secretary, Mayowa and his team, and the PRO, Lamide and her team, they both worked together to make the event very exceptional. The next Social Secretary and PRO have to do a great job of the next edition as the bar has been placed high and Kudos to the Law Students Society Executive in general.

The timing and microphones should have been worked on better than it did.

The judges should have been people that had expertise in fields of music and pageantry.

All in all, the program was a huge success and Main Aud was literally shut down till 6:30pm.

Verdict- Law Fiesta 1.0 2019⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Folarin Adafin & Benita

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