“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, byt the voters of this country.”- Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The semester started in July. In the twinkle of an eye, the semester went by so fast and soon it was that time of the semester where we have lit events back to back. There were numerous events lined up for all and sundry to learn from and enjoy mouthwatering chow. It was that time of the semester where all had the opportunity to win various awards and get recognition from the public. A time were “many are called but few are chosen”. Having had various events from the Law Ladies Day to the ADR meet, from TAAM to NTD, it was time for the biggest debating competition in the faculty of law, THE MANIFESTO. I mean, why hurry when you can save the best for last?

The Manifesto 6.0 took place on the 27th of Septemeber at the Law Annex. It started around 12pm with over a 100 people in the audience ready to see 14 contestants battle for 3 prizes on one stage. The prizes were 70,000, 50,000 and 30,000 naira for the winner, first and second runners up respectively. The program started with the opening prayer as is the tradition in the faculty of law. God first for with him all things are possible. Next was a speech by the keynote speaker; Efemena Iluezi Ogbaudu. After this, the judges were introduced. To determine who would be king of the sixth wave were amazing judges who were experts in various aspects of law. Let’s meet them.

The format of the competition was then read out. The topic to be debated on was “The Practice of Democracy in Nigeria: Fact or Fabrication?” The competion was to be in two stages. The first stage was the debate with each contestant having 5 minutes to state their stance on the topic and articulately convice the judges. Then they each had two minutes extra for rebuttals. Around this time, the food tags were being shared starting from the first half of the annex and then extended to the back. The 14 contestants were then introduced. We had representatives from various chambers, societies, clubs, associations, classes and even religion. We had male and female representatives. This was a smart idea by the organisers as they could not be accused of bias. That was a smart move.

Some of the contestants include:There was also Jessica Harrison representing The Book Club, Sofekun Ayomide representing Gani Fawehinmi Students Chambers, David Dimeji-Ajayi of the Maritime Forum, Isaac Aduloju represnting The Tax Club, Oluchukwu Nwabuikwu for the Forum of Emerging Technology and Oluwafemi Salako of the Mooting Society among others. Once this round was completed, there was a musical break.

It was during this time that the judges collated the results. Soon the results were ready. However, before the results were called out, there was a female speaker who spoke about the ideapreneur challenge and congratulated the winners. This was an initiative of TEC in conjunction with Brands Optimal Limited. Titilope Adedokun from year 4 and Desola from year 3 were the lucky winners of this challenge. They were directed to someone who was to hand over their prizes to them. After some time, the results were announced. Out of the 14 contestants, only 5 made it to the next round. The representatives of The Mooting Society,

The Book Club, Tax, Forum for Emerging Technology and Maritime were the lucky five who made it to the next round. A “wild card” was said to have been given to the representative of Maritime. After this was another break. This time, Bada, winner of LGT did a musical rendition of a very lovely song. Just as it was during his performance at LGT, the audience loved him yet again. After Bada had performed, it was time for the second stage of the competition to begin. This stage was in form of an impromptu speech. Each contestant was given a question based on the number that was picked.

They had a minute to prepare after havijg heard the topic and two minutes to deliver the impromtu speech. One of the contestants weas given the topic “If I was an animal”. He said that he would be a lion, stated the characteristics of a lion and his reasons for picking that particular animal. Afterall, there a thousand animals on earth. A member of the audience claimed that the topics were strange but the contestants did justice to them. Seeing that they only had a minute each to prepare, the contestants proved that they were “critical thinkers and problem solvers” in Wahab Shittu’s voice. Some gave extremely brilliant answers. This showed that law students are natural heroes and can never be caught unaware. We are ever ready. It is our superpower. Light refreshment was served as the judes compiled the results.

The judges then addressed the contestants. After a lot of suspense, the results were finally announced. The comperes Tayo and Pius, the emeritus champion of last year’s debate representing Forum of Emerging Technology. The 3rd and 4th runners up were Isaac Aduloju of The Tax Club and Jessica Harrison of Book Club. The 2nd runner up was Joshua Nwabuikwu, representative of Forum of Emerging Technology. He was awarded the best speaker of the competition. He was given the cash prize of 30,000 naira.

The 1st runner up winning a cash prize of 50,000 naiar was Dimeji David-Ajayi of the Maritime Forum.

The Sixth King, winner of The Manifesto 6.0 was Yusuf Oluwafemi Salako, representing the mootimg society. He went home with the grand prize of 70,000 naira.

After the results were announced, it was evident that those in the audience were pleased with the results. The prizes were awarded, pictures were taken while there was music in the background. Tolu, head of Taslim Elias Students Chambers gave the closimg remark. Subsequently, the closimg prayer was taken by the financial secretary, Muniru Folashade. The guests were then ushered out of the hall as the students were directed to go out to get their refreshments and souvenirs. The program ended at about some minutes to 5pm. This was yet another successful events. All organisers of all events this semester really outdid those in previous administrations before them. All events were bangers.

Unfortunately, the event szn has ended. No more free chow, souvenirs and easy opportunities to meet thos at the top. It is gradually getting to the end of the semester as exams start in about three weeks. All students are implored to study ahead and study hard. This is not the time for “all work and no play….” Or “e go be” For at this point, “all play and no work makes thou a carry over student” and “those who cannot be helped will be destroyed.” However, congratulations to the executives of TEC for a succesful event. TEC is indeed king.


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