You ignored the warnings in the bc and so we’re giving you one last warning. This content is not for the faint-hearted. Close this page if you don’t have a bow for these arrows.


“Every good thing must come to an end. However, the LSSTOGETHER 2018/2019 academic session ended with Royalty.”

The ‘Royale’ Dinner.

There is no doubt that this years dinner was a bomb! This year’s law dinner came with the theme “Casino royale” which raised our expectations. I mean, who doesn’t know about casinos and the tales of gambling and games that come with them. You don’t know? Then Mario Puzo’s Fools die should be added to your reading list. Down to the event, the time of the dinner was set for 7PM but didn’t kick off until after the arrival of the Dean. Also, trust the never-disappointing law students to always come late for an event. So, if you were annoyed by the delay, the organizers were not to blame. The Dean, Professor Ayo Atsenuwa gave a brief welcome address after the opening prayer and the dinner started proper of course with the distinguished hosts- Toby Thugger and Toroti Akin-Taylor oh and A certain Favour.

On the food, this year’s hype met our expectations. We got what we were promised, a true three course meal! Asun and small chops were served as appetizers followed by the main dish which was Chinese cuisine and the African dish. No 2go juice this time, it was a circle of wines. We had performances from Buju, Yusuf Kanbai with his infectious energy, our faculty’s own beloved Ladi who performed to a rapturous applause and Dotman who came as a surprise. The last but not the least was the magical performance that blew everyone away. Did we say last without stating one important fact? Most of the Awards were money coated plaquesssss!! Not paper, this reminds us of a certain administration but we already moved on.

All round, the dinner was great from the black carpet to the design, to the casino effect which was just lit. The décor was top notch but why wasn’t the stage used? Anyway, the half of the program came to an end with the vote of thanks from the Vice-President of the LSS, Onyinye it was a wonderful one, kudos to the LSS.

The After-Party.

Shall we?

Ghen gen, I’m sure hearts are beating to see who and who casted we don’t kiss and tell, sorry. This is also known as the other half of the Program or rather the ‘program’ itself. The after-party was not so joyous at first due to the fact that the sound system failed to deliver on time and even when the music started playing, it wasn’t standard. Music failed to the extent that most people at the lounge were sitting and just ‘lounging’. Attendees who refused to let their money go to waste had to force the gbedu to enter body to the unmelodious grooves. There was a barbecue stand and also a punch stand mixed with alcohol which got some attendees rather ‘too’ excited. The party continued with attendees downstairs dancing and talking while the real Legends were upstairs preaching the gospel of our Lord and personal saviour, as well as creating an unmelodious remix of soapy.

Oh well, back to the features, the pool in the house was a failed course and even a-day old chick would have died if washed in it- No one could use it, really a waste of swim wears! At least, the house contained air conditioner unlike last year’s after party where people literally roasted inside the house (ejo, catch the sub, we died and came back to life last year, it wasn’t easy). Around 5, the music stopped and everyone began packing their bags and ‘baggage’. However, there were Cinderellas who forgot a thing or two, lol. Honestly, this year’s after party would have been lit if not for the low budget Dj Exclusive that was hired. We should have just stuck to our very own Wesco Barley though rumors have it that he was the requesting for 2 million dollars that LSS couldn’t afford.

The Recommendations

It is trite rule that no event is perfect, even the most hyped Casino royale. Bearing in mind that excellence is what we attain in the quest for perfection, and in a bid to attain what can be termed “an excellent law dinner”, a survey was carried out and a good number of the guests were interviewed and below are the complaints they had about the dinner and the recommendations they have suggested, which we hope will be put in place in the next dinner.

The first point of call for any event is the venue, there has to be a good venue before any event can take place. For the casino royale, whilst the venue was easy to locate (all thanks to Goggle map), it was not exactly ‘dinner like’. The venue was dark and quite small (some might say too small in fact), unlike last year’s law dinner which had a very good venue but lacked content.

Still on the venue, there were complaints that the toilet was not selfie-worthy, it did not have a good mirror for mirror selfies and that one is not good at all. We would really appreciate it if the venue for next year’s law dinner is upgraded at least up to the level of last year’s dinner, but the content of the casino royale is maintained and possibly made better.

Now, we would move to the after party. E be lyk say, getting better venue for after party don turn major wahala sha. Just like last year, the venue was too small and hot as well. Please, it would be greatly appreciated if the after party is improved on, especially the venue.

The Appreciation.

Dear 2018/2019 LSS Executives,

With literal tears, we say a big thank you. Your efforts to smother the nightmare of last year’s dinner was recognised. Our spirits that broke last year came to life this year and gave us hope that not ‘everyone is the same’. Your efforts were put in place and you did a good job. To Mayowa and the Social committee, our hearts were uplifted, thank you for the efforts and hard work put in place. You surpassed your predecessor by far length. To Nosifat, a well-done on your caring contributions to the event To Lamide, we appreciate your efforts in pushing for people to come for the dinner despite witnessing last years heartbreak of a dinner and to the other executives, we appreciate the hard work put in place.


It is common knowledge that everyone in the University of Lagos looks forward to The Law Dinner every year. Preparations are made, huge sums of money spent and plenty gist to go around. Usually, those who did not attend the dinner stay up all night waiting for pictures and a run down from those who attended.

The biggest event in the Faculty of Law has come and gone and its time to reminisce. The Fashion Police is back again. We told you we’ll be watching and here’s what we gathered. We hope you’re in our good books this year. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.


Instead of the usual lady look, she gave us boss lady vibes at this year’s law dinner with the Old Mauve coloured outfit paired with a black corset and clear heels with black straps. The neck-piece complements the colours well. With just the right amount of makeup, a pretty face, a staff and that pose, the boss lady did not disappoint. Harmonhie Couture indeed did not disappoint as usual.

Lady Doris, red is definitely your colour. From the pose to the facial expression to fit the sass and everything about this outfit…it’s a 10. We like the peplum and the design all the way to the ground. Your purse complements the details on your dress and this body! Girl, this is absolutely stunning.

This dress is definitely a 10. From the style to the colour to the nody wearing it..10! 10! 10! The shoes are simple, simple jewellery and the pony tail! Not everyone looks good in a pony tail but you killed it. The bust area really though…we see you girl! You killed us. The skin work (aspa brown skin girl) is a 100 and that smile…truly beautiful. It complemented the whole outfit.

Madam PRO ma pami nau! This dress is an absolute 10! Not doing too much or too little, somehow you struck a balance. With your hair pulled back and away from your face, your makeup was just the right amount and those earrings are life! With the earrings, you did not need any neck piece and you realised that. The dress, from the style to the train at the back, this was a wonderful look.

Dear Miss Vesper, or simply put *insert fancy name of the wife of a wealthy casino owner*,

We at the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos humbly request your presence at subsequent Law Dinners. Although we are not worthy of your presence, we hope that you would grant our request and sponsor us too.

Signed: Your fans at the LSS blog committee 2019. This lady came to serve looks that day. From the outfit to the fur placed casually around her shoulders, the facial expression of a celeb, the hair, the poise, the gloves…an absolute 10. WE STAN!!

*inserts video of girls squealing*

Red is the best friend of a light skinned lady and this lady looked stunning in this lacy red dress with a high slit. With clear heels, a body to die for, snatched waist, edges slayed to perfection, lovely earrings and makeup, nobody could have worn this dress better. A million looks at this picture, a ten page essay (in my head) and one more look to add to the one million, We still cannot get over this look. Perfect would have been the right word but people claim only God is perfect. This look is a 100!

Oh Queen! We hail thee! The colour of the dress suits your skin and the sparkles are enough to blind haters. The simple hair and dropping earrings go well together. The earrings also do justice to the neckline of this dress. Let’s not forget the design at the middle of the dress. And that neckline! You see that neckline! That’s a wonderful piece of God’s creation right there. I think you planned with Lolade to kill us at law dinner and that you did. You broke our necks ma! This dress is a 10.

We have only one question. Who gave this particular creation of God to look this hot? The plunging neckline, the long slit adorned with fringes, the hoops, the pretty ass shoes, the hair style, simple purse…. You stayed simple and significant. This is definitely a 10.


Or not! Haha.

Clickbait!!……or ‘viewbait’.

Harmony and the girls, sounds like a kick ass girl band doesn’t it? Like a 90′ pop girl band.

As expected, Mr. Harmony of Harmonihie Cultureee did well with these lovely dresses. We like the mix of green and blue, how her waist is snatched and the style. The girl in gold looks like she came directly out of the old Bond movies, giving us the old actress vibes with the dress and hair. The CEO himself came looking like a money bag. With the two damsels by his side, they looked like they came to have a night of fun at the casino. All the colours in this picture go well together, each person complementing the other.

Wawuuu. This dress is beautiful. She went in line with the theme and that smile complements the dress. Her pixie cut gives her this edgy look like at anything she can strip the train away and bust some killer fight moves. This is definitely “groovy”. It is said that the dress glows in the dark as well. Ah, @official7thavenue is not just a designer but a magician.

Wow! This style is unique. The cool colour complements the colours of the feathers blending together with a nice skin, simple but classy accessories and a beautiful smile. It’s a 10.


There were some people who looked good but clearly forgot the theme. The pictures were bomb…well some of them…but not exactly casino worthy.

ow, when we saw this dress, we thought two things. We screamed ‘mad oo!’ but we also felt like there was too much going on. The concept of this dress is nice. There was a sultry feel with the front slit, nude net and white material, ‘magician type look’ with the staff, ponytail and hat, and ‘classy black rich woman vibe’ with the long black sleeve and collar. The mix of the colours was lovely. This is the outfit of a creative. However, less is more….sometimes. It’s Casino royale not Circus.

This here is undoubtedly a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress, but she has us thinking, could this have been better?

This outfit could have been so much more, with a glittery neck piece and a matching pair of earrings.

Notwithstanding, the colour compliments her skin tone perfectly and we are definitely looking forward to seeing her next year.

This dress is simple and looks extremely comfortable. However this dress could have been so much more with a statement silver neck piece, dangling earrings or simply a red purse to add more colour to it.

That dress is a 10! The colour, the smile and everything deserves a 10. Why then is it not ‘groovy’ worthy? Well, sometimes we need to run away from people that will dull our shine and dim our light. If your eye would hinder you from making the kingdom of heaven, cut it off. In the same vein, if your picture partner or date would spoil your picture, tell him or her ‘alaye jor jor jor!’….We meant kindly ask for a personal picture or make up an excuse. Now this guy took care of his suit, his hair, his smile but forgot his feet. The colour of the socks and the shoes are contradicting. Overall, this is a good picture..if you look at only their faces that is.

Lil 2 much.

There is too much going on with this dress. Three styles combined with the notion of coming to ‘pepper dem?’ Yes ma, you did. This picture is peppery. This dress would have been a good off-the-shoulder long dress with a front slit + layered peplums or a cape behind…not both (top-notch fashion designer’s advice). And is that a blue purse? Slippers? REALLY!!!!! To a dinner? Thumbs up to who or for what? This dress would have better off at an event such as Aunty Shade’s wedding as part of her bridal train. But to law dinner? God forb….

Lil 2 not.

NO!!! Hell no! A white shirt, a blue coloured tie with stripes, a grey waist coat, black lab coat, is that green or whatchamacallit coloured pants and grey Chelsea boot? To where. This is an insort. No respect for the fashion police. We know we have been on the low but we still deserve some regard.


*playing speechless by M.J*

Someone said this dress could be worn to class if it was black, or a church convention or rehearsal maybe with slippers or sandals? At least that’s a nice necklace and a beautiful smile.

And dear sir, nice shoes, they go well with the suit colour.

Oshey! Somolu James Bond! Mc Oluomo in in a tuxedo! Nice suit and shoes but what’s that hair colour? And who wears sunglasses at night…in a hall? They are sunglasses. SUN!!! As in when the time is around 12 pm or 2pm not bloody 10 pm. Tuxedos and nice shoes are for the casinos, sunglasses and confused hairs are for Naira Marley’s concert. However, the Lord is your strength.

Law dinner or Calabar Festival?

Someone said this is where they intended to go but missed their flight to Jamaica. We don’t know how true that is. What we do know is that these ladies could have killed it at this year’s dinner if the dresses were different.

Runnnnnnnn Runnnnnnnnnn.


There were some people who graced us with their presence at this year’s law dinner. However, not as those coming to the casino but those going to weddings or birthday parties. Here’s what we mean.

This right here is an absolutely beautiful lady but the material is a little more “aso ebi” don’t you think? It would have been better if this style was made with a different material and matching purse. You slayed though. Overall this is a good look but not casino worthy. Someone said it was an upgrade of last year’s dress but nonetheless we hope to see you at next year’s dinner.

While some think this shade of orange is blinding, we think it’s a nice colour for a dark skinned lady. The colour makes her stand out and makes her smile pop. However, as beautiful and bright as this picture looks, it wasn’t in line with the theme. This dress is more expensive dinner date or simple wedding guest than a guest at The Casino Royale.


Playing Cardi B, Money.

Although the girl in blue did not need the hand and hair thing, this is a good picture. All the girls look fabulous. And this picture? It looks rich!

Need we say more? These are the expensive looking wives of James Bond and his gambler friends.


These beautiful damsels of law class of 2023 slayed this group picture. They did not come to play.


Couple goals much? This is a rare picture of Otunba and the lady who won our hearts with her beautiful smile. They kept it simple.


This couple kept it simple and safe with neutral colours. Overall, this is a good picture. Her smile gave us Joy!!!!!!


This young man and his wives served us looks with bright colours and heart warming smiles.

ISSUE 1: Whether or not he is capable of both ladies?

ISSUE 2: Whether or not it is any of our business?


Or not.

Nonetheless, this was a good picture.

Now with this look, we’re getting different vibes; The “it’s-too-hot-to-wear-a-dress-shirt” vibe, the “my-dry cleaner-ruined-my-shirt-and-I-can’t-kill-myself” vibe or the “I’m-Wasiu Ayinde-at-a-formal-event” vibe. Whichever one it is specifically, we’re not too sure. This could have been better. And that gangster pose. Lol.

P.S, we heard this is how the bodyguards of rich men dress at the casino. We’re not quite sure. We don’t want to spread false news.

They almost killed this look. Almost! Until someone asked if that’s a pair of suspenders or a tool? I guess we will never know. Nice shoes, well cut trousers, suits and smiles.

Since we’re talking about the guys now, whoever told Faculty of Law guys that the a casino look is not complete without the turtle neck is wicked.

There were red ones, black ones, grey ones, blue ones…..turtle necks everywhere!! There must have been a turtle neck wearing guy at almost all the tables that day. There were those wearing turtle necks and those who looked like they had their necks up in casts. Therefore we bring to you;


According to the dictionary, it is defined thus:


noun (plural turtlenecks)

1. (US) A high, close-fitting collar, turned back on itself and covering all or most of the neck, on a sweater or similar garment.

2. (US) A turtleneck sweater.

Now it says “close-fitting”. Let’s move on.



MISS LAW 2019.

The beauty queen came to the casino in a lovely red dress and her radiant smile.

The Vice President LSS. Madame VP! The beautiful Vice president was also in attendance. Known for her simplicity and grace, she came looking like a money bag.

Special thanks to the Executives of #LSSTOGETHER for a well planned and wonderful dinner. The decorations, food and event in general was a banger. The after party too was lit. This dinner was worth the hype and we still can’t get over the decorations and general setup of the event. Congratulations on organising the best events this year. Thank you Makinwa Osukoya the Engineering Law Student for the beautiful pictures. All LSS events were lit this year and contrary to what we thought, they performed beyond, beyond, beyond, standards and expectations. They all deserve the Executive awards they got. Thank you once again. We hope the next administration does better.

That is all for this year’s dinner. This dinner was amazing and we anticipate next year’s dinner. Do you agree with us? Which outfits were your favourites? Which was a hit or miss? Our watch has ended!……or not. Till next year guys. Remember there’s always someone watching.

Fashion Police sees it all.


  1. For future purposes, it’s almost the end of 2019. It’s disappointing that the writer complimented well-dressed “Miss Vesper” as wife of a casino owner. She can’t be the actual casino owner? It just has to be an unknown husband who has the money?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The subtle sexism is just🤢🤮🤮
    “Instead of the usual lady look, she gave us boss lady vibes”
    “simply put *insert fancy name of the wife of a wealthy casino owner*, ”
    “These are the expensive-looking wives of James Bond and his gambler friends. ” “Otunba and the lady”
    It’s 2019, women have and make their money now and “otunba and lady”?? Is she an accessory? A purse?

    Liked by 3 people

  3. You guys need to learn to stop putting people down actually. A larger part of this publication is a NO NO NO. Disregarding the effort and money they put into coming to the event. And to think that a lot of money was put into LLD; breaking the ceilings you say. Only for you to put them in the spotlight of negativity just a few months down the line. Can you imagine you telling others to runnnnn for a fellow human being just bcos she didn’t meet up the standard u set….. That is wayyyy out of place and against what you should be preaching…. You can do better my dears…

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Shey na review be this?
    This review is so incomplete and biased.. mtceeew
    Please where is Livingstone, Rachel, Tinu, Ayomide, And others..
    And to have the audacity to caption a picture downright ugly… you are…….


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