The Sign Out 3/3: An Interview with Madam P.R.O.

Describe yourself in one word.

Ans: Lol, I’d rather not pls. I would say that I am driven, passionate, determined, hardworking, selfless, beautiful, smart and versatile.

What made you aspire to be the Public Relations Officer for the Faculty of Law 2018/2019?

Ans: Well well, this is an over-asked question. Basically, when I got in to the Faculty of Law, I ran for the Class Rep of my class and I lost to Dieko, and I am so happy I lost because if I had mistakenly won, I would have dropped the position after four months or something lmao. So, because I didn’t win, I automatically became a Liaison officer where I got to work as a link between the LSS and the class then. From there, I met Haliart, the Public Relations Officer in 2016 and I started to publicize programs for the Law Students Society. The first program I got to publicize was the Laws Got Talent 4.0 when I literally stuck my head out of the window of Dominicc’s car that night screaming for people to attend the LGT 4.0. After that day, I realized that I feel alive when I publicize and I feel very happy and I loved the feeling. So, I made up my mind then to do what Halilart does and I’ve wanted to be LSS PRO since 100 level.

How did you cope with being the Public Relations Officer of the LSS, Being the Chairman of the LSS blog, being the Editor in Chief of the Lex Observer Annual Publication and your academics, with the stress of the faculty?

Ans: Hm. I can only say it was God because it is not easy being the PRO of the LSS and most importantly, it is not easy being a hardworking PRO of the LSS. Unlike last year when all the programs in first semester was done in one week and LAWSAN crowd was around to fill up the hall even if Unilag Law Students and Students from other faculties don’t come, there was back up crowd but I had to work extra hard to fill up my halls, because no back up. Also team work really made things easier for me. I had a team for the LSS blog and Lex Observer and these wonderful people helped me pull through. I’m also grateful that I had a vision for my blog team which is to have more people and deliver great and good content. Not numerous articles per day to choke people and they might end up ignoring them. Other standard blogs don’t post articles per day like whatsapp status but good content was the focus and I’m glad I was able to achieve that this year. My Lex Observer Team was great and I thank God that people submitted lit articles and I was able to print 300 copies, the highest amount ever printed out in the history of the LSS. So yeah I really wanted to break the record. Regarding lectures, LOL, I hate lectures but I was able to cope sitting beside Nosifat and Zainab in front class and I’m grateful to God that I was able to maintain my grades after the first semester results and won sha mi danu.

What was the best part for you being the PRO of the LSS 2018/2019 session?

Ans: The best part was basically seeing a dream coming to fusion. I.e. Months and months planning for a program like the Law Fiesta, LLD, Career Fair or any other program turn out very good and people wishing me “Congratulations for your program”. Most importantly seeing people turn up for my program because this is the joy of being the Public Relations Officer of the LSS. I was always sick, tensed and scared before any program and its always so perfect when it turns out when it turns out well. Oh and the amazing and hardworking set of Exco’s I worked with too & also launching my baby on Law Dinner, Lex Observer thank you Mayowa for letting me launch on your day, olodo😂 This was basically my highlight of being the PRO of the LSS 2018/2019 session.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Ans: Ah! Well, I will be married with kids of course and I’d be living in the abroad where I will be a successful Arbitrator, Mediator & Conciliator. In ten years, I see myself becoming a very successful woman. A money bag, A made woman & A fulfilled mother and wife too.

What are your achievements as the LSS PRO?

Ans: OH BOY! Where will I start from? Okay, I will start by saying that I was the head of the publicity team for virtually all events of the Law Students Society from the Monochrome vibe, Fresher’s party, to the Career fair, the interchambers games, Law health day, Abiola Ojo Sport festivals, Law Ladies day, the Law Fiesta, the Law dinner, the A.B Kabsumu Annual lecture, the legal compendium to Casino Royale etc. Basically, all the programs in the Faculty. Its funny because being PRO of LSS does not automatically mean that you’re the head of publicity for these committees, For Example, the PRO last year did not head publicity for LLD 18, Dolapo Omotoso did. So If Mayowa or Awe or Onyinye said they didn’t want me in their committees I’d have to bounce cos they’re head of their teams and its their jurisdiction. But by God’s Grace I pulled it all successfully. Apart from that, I established a lot of partnerships for the LSS like Judy, Eso Chambers L’avocat, The Twitter awareness against Female Genital Mutilation with Gird Up against FGM Nigeria, The Balance, & more. I also got engaged with the other PRO’s from other faculties maintained a strong relationship with them and this really helped our publicity a lot and I doubt that this has ever happened frequently too but more importantly, we were able to pull our crowd and help each other basically.

What do you think are People’s perception of you?

Ans: Ah! This question is subjective. Firstly, I think no one is perfect and I am a work in progress and I believe one day, I will reach perfection. So I will start with the not so good ones, lol. Well, a lot of people think I’m rude, Because I’m very blunt and I always say things the way I feel it, yeah. But as a matter of fact, if you get to know me, you will understand that I’m truly a sweet person and I’m also very nice. I don’t talk to a lot of people personally just greetings and go but I just want people I might have changed it for because of one thing or the other that they might have done which I don’t like, to know that I do not intend to hurt their feelings by being blunt but I have started working on emotional intelligence to deliver my messages in a good way so I can be better. Then for the good part *smiles*… People think I’m a fine girl and hardworking, smart, determined, passionate etc basically an all-rounder. Atleast that they’ve told me sha.

What are your likes and dislikes about people?

Ans: Basically, I love people that are really focused like me and people that take their lives seriously. Nice and selfless people too. I don’t like people that look down on others, lazy, undetermined, slow and proud people. LOL, even if people think I’m proud. Also, I don’t like people that support sexual harassment, forms of gender discrimination any form of violence against about women and gives excuses for it e.g Our popular rape apologists that focus on what the courts will do without anybody needing to tell them or post it on their status that court o, hear the other side. But Ki olorun ma showa💀💀

Who is your role model?

Ans: I no get. I just want to make it in this life. I don’t want my generation to suffer because my parents did not let me suffer. I just wan make mama proud, don’t want to make mama sad.

What is your favourite food?

Ans: Ah… Chinese, Chinese!!!!

Looking back at your years in the Faculty of Law, do you think you have done a good job? And why?

Ans: Yes, Yes! I have done a wonderful job since my Year 1. I didn’t just come to the faculty to read my book and pass or to make a 2:1 and go. Nah, I came to the faculty with a lot of zeal and fire. I came and I saw what I was really interested in, publicity and I went for it and I learnt and I made sure I got an experience. In year 1&2 I joined GFSC and the Oil and Gas bar. In year 3, I joined Tax, Maritime, and ADR & LSS year 4. I have been working hard in the committees that these associations created for their programs, gave myself a lot of experiences, put myself out there and I was able to serve the LSS to my utmost ability. So, apart from being seriously experienced in PR both in and out of the faculty( sigh I love blowing these trumpets, Ki olorun showa), I have also trained myself intellectually with the passion for helping the world; I have participated in Staff and Delegate Capacities for Model United Nations within and outside the country. This year, I wrote articles and since I left the LSS, I got elected as the Director of Research for the Maritime Forum. So, yes, I think I have done a good job because I have grown and mentored some students in the young levels.

What is your advice for the Students in the younger levels who would like to become PRO’s in the LSS, Societies or Chambers?

Ans: Yeah, My people! First of all, Read your Book first abeg. Have good CGPA abeg. Its important. Good grades open doorsss. My advice is to gather enough experiences as much as you can and ask advices from your predecessors cause trust me, it’s not an easy task. Although I was not a BC person but much of a Fire person. What did I do? I’d message Semiloore Akoni to give me tips. Basically, you have to be willing to learn and ask questions and don’t be ashamed to keep learning. You must always be ready for the stress it comes with and the negative effects. I fell sick two weeks to Law Fiesta and a month to Career fair. Being a PRO, you have to take care of your health because it’s not an easy job but you will be fine and because you’re in the Public eye you’ll be subjected to a lot or cyber bullying daily such as tellonym, saharah and co. I was still bullied with forty to fifty pictures of bad content about me last month on my class group chat out of pure hate or jealousy anyone bc its defs not from a good place, but you must be emotionally and physically ready to take the bullshit and you must be able to say we move everytime such things happen and yeah, one more thing, let your ENERGY and FIRE be UNMATCHABLE and DO NOT BE DISPENSABLE (no matter what, don’t be someone that can be replaced easily and even if it happens, let your absence be greatly felt and you can achieve this by working hard).

Who are the people you regard as your good friends or people you’re close to?

Ans: Yee. My best friend is Ayodeji Priscilla, she is in 400 level short, really smart, dark-skinned and beautiful sha but she no get sense, ki olorun showa and My baby Semi, Ore mi Hameed, Ore mi Dare, Ore mi Makinwa, Larin, The LSS President Elect, Bolu Maritime, Kofo Sanya, Ori David, Olamide Ayodele, My Sister Ololade Ewatomi, Joshua Oluchukwu, Martin and Abayomi; my people. My school father Habeeb, School mother Faridah and my babies from year one to three you know. A lot of people are my people and they’re really good to me but this is not an autobiography.


Ans: First of all, I want to thank everyone who believed in me & everyone that voted for me even though I was unopposed, all the Law Students for giving me the opportunity to serve, the LSS Executives, you guys are the best. All my friends that I mentioned above for being supportive one way or the other. My babies in from year one to three who stood by me during this time and the members of the Dauntless 19 who showed me support one way or the other. Last but not the least members of my Publicity Committee, Blog Committee & my Editorial Board for the Lex Observer Annual Publication. I love you all, God bless you. I hope I made you proud?

Final sign out words as LSS PRO?

Ki Olorun Showa. Thank you for having me.

Interview by Anele-Mary Esther.

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