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Lagos, the city that never sleeps or rests. Lagos, the city that isn’t for the fainthearted. In this Lagos, it is eat or be eaten. Kill or be killed. The incessant exchange of gbas gbos by Lagos City and her occupants can be really frustrating. Are you tired of posting “Lagos 1 – Zainab 0”,
Sanwo-Olu Lagos has done it again”? Basically, we’re asking if you’re tired of being tired. If you are, then this article is for you. We are offering you lifestyle tips to keep you on top in this city and in the University of Lagos. So, relax, put on your reading glasses, play some Jon Bellion music in the background and enjoy our lifestyle hacks.

Funny how we are all too busy to add any extra lifestyle trends. Everyone keeps making excuses on how they are too busy to exercise, to make that healthy drink or to eat that green-laden meal. But let’s face this fact: if we were chasing money, we’d never be too busy. So, are you truly busy
or just lazy? However, either you’re lazy or busy (insert moonfaced emoji) these lifestyle trends would not eat much into your time. I mean, you cannot be too busy for yourself, or can you?

Honestly, a healthy lifestyle especially in this stress producing Lagos isn’t just about exercising or eating healthy. It also includes optimising stress levels, sleep and even the amount of information you take in each day. Balance is key in maintaining good lifestyle choices. I get it. There’s school, there’s work, there are relationships, friendships, flexing and whatnot! I am of the
opinion that you can stay on top of it all.

as long as you can strike a balance, young Padawan.”- Yoda.

How then do you stay on top in this Lagos?

1) Create A Schedule
It seems very cliché, I know, but it works. Right from primary school, we’ve been told the importance of a timetable (schedule). Now, I’m not saying you should draw out a
table and paste it on you wall. We’re in the technological age. There are smartphones with smart apps that can help you set up a schedule that you can follow strictly. Your
schedule will help you stay on top of the tasks you have for the day and where you can slot in your healthy lifestyle activities. Here are a few apps you can check out: Anydo,
Evernote, TickTick, Google Keep.

2) Optimise Sleep
Growing up especially in boarding schools, we were subjected to one and a half-hour of siestas. At least, the Nigerian educational system did something good, if only we hadn’t
spent this period planning on how to meet Aishat behind the water reservoir. Studies have actually shown that good sleep gives for not only bodily recovery and repair, but also mental recovery. With that in mind, it might be time to put down that smartphone and carry over that Tweet to the next day and get your beauty sleep.

3) Stay Hydrated
I was so glad last year when the water bottle trend was a thing. I mean, water is cheap, so why not drink lots of it? Staying hydrated is very key and it doesn’t eat out of your busy
schedule. Having a gourd/bottle/sack of water would bang. It’s good for the skin and our body runs on water as a Benz runs on fuel.

4) Exercise Daily
Take advantage of this Okada/Keke ban. That 100 naira bike ride from your house to the bus stop? Walk it! That 50 naira cab ride from your class to your favourite restaurant? Walk it! That 70 naira bus from school to Domino’s Pizza? My dear, you know the drill: walk it! Who knows, you might meet boo/bae on your walk somewhere. Also, signing up for a weekend gym class or Pilate class wouldn’t be so bad.

5) Adopt Healthy Eating Habits
See how I didn’t say diet. It seems the word, “diet” has been misconstrued to mean something expensive and time-consuming. Try eating less of rice and more of vegetables. Fruits wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Proteins would bang too. No pressure tbh, just try to mix things up and strike a balance.

6) Have Some Fun In The Sun
What I mean is enjoy time outside in nature. Just take a stroll to Lagoon Front and enjoy the feel of the breeze, the smell of the trees and the water. Try to ignore the sound of the couple making out beside you. You could also try to enjoy nature with your friends or if you’re like me, your favourite playlist and a pair of headphones is company enough.

In summary, we owe it to ourselves to live the best life we can. It would be nice to post, this time around, “Zainab 1 – Sanwo-Olu Lagos 0.” For those of us that will wait for others to try this first, it wouldn’t hurt to put your foot into the water first. Stay safe!

Written By Tunmise Okegbemi