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“When pleasure rules you, it ruins you.” –Naphtali Ukamwa
You know writing that project is necessary: you know making that call may change things: you know reading that book will make you pass: you know taking that step will bring you close to your dream: why are you not doing it?
We live the life we choose to live by acting.  Over the years we’ve had too many critics, two many coaches who keep talking and never doing.  They can analyse the problems, say why they are in such problems but have never done what it takes to solve them.  The greatest danger we put ourselves is transferring the responsibilities of today to tomorrow.  The more we put off the responsibilities of today the more the responsibilities of tomorrow increase.
Laziness is the ancestral inspirer of procrastination. Only lazy hands think they can do tomorrow what they ought to do today better than if they do it today.  The best time to finish anything we started is now! Delaying is the denial of the future, saying “I’ll do it later”, you may never do it again because the circumstance that forced you to postpone it can become intense in the future to stop you from doing it.
Procrastination is the instinct of the comfort zone.  People who are slack in doing things on time never experience new things.  They keep drinking from the old wine-skin.  They prefer the lies of the status quo that the realities of the future.  They are the ones who say, “Heard melody is better than unheard melody.”  They entangle themselves in the paradox of confusion.   Read the rest of this entry »


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By Naphtali Ukamwa (Da-sage)

“The tide that flows;
The ripples and waves of the ocean;
The rising and falling of the sun;
The salt that dissolve in water;
As nature perishes;
Life goes on.” ——Naphtali Ukamwa
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#SOTS – You Think You are Thinking

By Naphtali Ukamwa

A research has shown that 70% of humanity do not think; 25% think they are thinking; and only 5% really think. What proportion is 5% of the human race with over seven billion people? Sadly, It therefore seems to me that almost every fifty persons you meet none may actually be thinking. None is using his or her mind? Read the rest of this entry »

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#SOTS – Unleashing Your Skills by the Power of Will

By Naphtali Ukamwa

The strive for greatness is a perpetual search for fulfillment. Fulfillment is not a destination, it is a continuous search for satisfaction per time. However, we will never get the fulfillment we desire unless we first unleash our skills.

A skill is the ability to do. It is the ability to produce. It is the potential. The truth is that no man is “a waste land”. Everyone is born with a potential to unleash. Each one of us is born with an ability- a seed of greatness.

However, fear is the number one villain stunting the skills of many Read the rest of this entry »


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Dreams are Lies until Realized

By Naphtali Ukamwa

Man, by natural instinct, is a being with intentions, motives, motivations and motifs. In the process of trying to attain our motives we have to consciously put in place certain motifs for assuring the actualization and consummation of our dreams. But what then are dreams?

Dreams are imaginative abstractions and intangible conceptions of the human mind. Dreams are series of mental plans which we aspire to attain. It is synonymous to ambition, aspiration and desire. Dreams are formations of the human mind – they do not exist in reality. They are architectural plans of things immaterial, conceived by the mind which we seek to attain.
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