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Hello and good day. The greatest stories ever told are always the ones that involve rebirth. Or the conquering of a nemesis. Stories like ‘Hercules’ finally manning up and defeating Hades in his own cabal and ‘The Phoenix’ rising from the dying flames and ashes to become version 2.0, or even Buhari finally succeeding in his bid for the presidency (allow us please, we’re going somewhere). The point is this is one of such stories, albeit in a slightly different context.

       In the faculty of law, there has also been those select individuals who make the business of everyone else their own business. These individuals who by the blood of their pens and strength of their intellect, seek to simply inform the world the best way they know how…by writing. They are the fashion police, the gossip columnists, social media warlords, political commentators and sports analysts. They breathe to write and write to breathe. You may know them by many names but to us, they are simply ‘The Blog Committee’ and today we present these maestros to you. Meet the 2017 Blog Committee.

​1. Charles Durueke

Class of ’21

Segment: photojournalism, fiction

– Charles is a witty chap (from another dimension) with an unbreakable love for FC Barcelona, jollof rice and most importantly, writing.

2. Efemena Gabriel Enivwenaye

Class of ’20

Segment: sports

– Efe is in love with sports. He believes his sporting knowledge definitely influences his writing.

3. Titilope Adedokun

Class of ’20

Segment: lifestyle, reviews, interviews

– Titilope is a writer who dreams of an incredible future complete with great people, amazing opportunities, fancy flowers and great food.

4. Oyindasola Onwuchekwa

Class of ’20

Segment: literature/writing, News and Events

– Oyindasola is a female young person who loves to read and write about everything under the sun. She sees writing as a way of expressing her imagination and gets her inspiration from real life experiences (sometimes)

5. Martin Achimugu

Class of ’20

Segment: fiction

– Martin is a big fan of movies and animations and is either asleep or eating most of the time.

6. Joshua Nwabuikwu

Class of ’20

Segment: imaginative writing

– Joshua is a rebel, anti conventional and is a hip hop head.

7. Dolapo Omotoso Oreoluwa

Class of ’19

Segment: barely legal

– Dolapo is a social writer who believes a single day in Lagos has a thousand stories just waiting to be told.

8. Folashade Edun

Class of ’19

Segment: literature/writing

– Folashade has a keen eye for details around her and out of this profound observation for her environment stems her love for writing.

9. Oluwatoyin Fadoju

Class of ’19

Segment: opinion

– Oluwatoyin is a purpose driven woman whose passion lies in making people understand the deeper aspects of life and this she firmly believes has influenced her writing.

10. Samuel Ajayi

Class of ’19

Segment: politics

– Samuel Ajayi is SamAzing, an award winning debater and Pen Lord.

11. Ayomide Alajogun

Class of ’19

Segment: poetry

– Ayo considers herself too awesome for this planet. She is a hopeless romantic who can find a song to sing for everything you say. She is also a music junkie.

12. Olamide Davis

Class of ’19

Segment: law geek

– Olamide hopes to inspire the world, one article at a time.

13. Taiwo Famakinde

Class of ’19

Segment: opinion

– passionate writer. music freak

14. Miracle Eme

Class of ’18

Segment: fiction

– Miracle is an ambivert and avid writer with an addiction for the written word.

15. Oluwamayowa Akinyemi

Class of ’18

Segment: News and Events, fiction

– Oluwamayowa is a twenty-something year old multifaceted artist, avid reader of almost anything written in English, the first of three children and enjoys writing both fact and fiction.

16. Tomiwa Adebanjo

Class of ’18

Segment: diaries, fiction

– Greatness in a small human form; lover of beans.

Great Opara

Class of ’18

Segment: Blog admin

– First of his name. Writer. Public Speaker. Defender of the Blog

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For the past year, a group of people have been working to produce the content on this blog. A group of writers, editors, analysts, critics. A Team. And to end the year, and our tenure, we have all decided to give you one last article. Below is a set of pieces, from the people behind your favorite columns, written individually, but put up collectively. So that you can enjoy a buffet, befitting of the festive period. An all you can read buffet. So who is your favorite blog author, is it the famed SamAzing or is it the brain behind “Chronicles of the Illegally Legal”, Great Opara;  find them, and read them… As you do all the rest of us. 



Final Leap

The cold bit into her feet as she walked. Cold and alone she shivered but made no attempt to run for shelter and warmth. She had her mind made up on where exactly she was going to be in the nearest future; at the bottom of the bridge buried under the waves and suffocating to death. Read the rest of this entry »

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Law School is hard. Your lowest grade is your graduating class. There is a lot of pressure. 

These are a few of the things we hear about The Nigerian Law School, which is the final gate, standing between us, and our License to practice the Legal profession in Nigeria. And so making a 2.1 from Law School is no small feat. It means your lowest grade was a B! Now talk about bagging a First Class! Means you made a straight 5 points! But that is not all…to be best graduating student, it means your individual grades were the highest! You 5.0 was the ‘5.0-iest’…and that, is a big deal. A very VERY big deal!

It is our pleasure to announce that this year, the singular person who achieved this feat is one of ours. Ayo Kadiri of the Law Class of ’15 just got called to the Bar, and it was no small call. Before she went on to do this, we’ll have you know that while still in school, she was a founding member of the Blog Committee, an Exco of the Gani Chambers, Editor in Chief of the Lex Observer, was the first representative of the Tax Club at the Tax Quiz of the Annual Tax Conference…and she made a 2.1.

What prospects the Legal profession holds for her cannot be imagined, as she is already being terribly coveted by law firms all over Nigeria, the UK, and beyond. We will be sure to keep our fingers crossed, and our ears open for her news when she takes the scene. Did we forget to say, Congratulations Barrister Ayodele Kadri!

Who said hard work doesn’t pay……oh that’s right, Nobody.

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Make us a promise will you? Promise us that if any part of this article makes you smile, you will comment, and share the link with at least three of your friends. You’ve promised. It’s a debt.



I don’t like that faculty, it is too much stress…

Juwaedat Ajoke…to Hosanna William

After that conversation, Hosanna thought about it. It is true that we are law students, the cool kids of Unilag, the ones who have a library all to themselves, the ones who finish their final year exams before any other faculty, and don’t give a hoot about convocation, the well-dressed super savvy smart talking students, who win every argument at home and anywhere that there are no other law students. And when the arguments are between us, it takes years of adjournment upon adjournment in court to decide who the winner is. I guess we’re bad like that.

But you see it’s actually not all rosy for us. Not at all! We act all cool but deep down, there is a lot of silent pain and anger. We are actually pretty frustrated people, and you’ll be shocked at how silly some of the things that constantly tick us off on a daily basis can be. But since we are better at coding than Gates and Jobs, you’ll never know, unless we tell you.

Why don’t we then? For once, let us let loose, let us let go of the shackles of restraint and ‘being nice’, and let us complain. Let us rant, let us tell ourselves, and each other what the things that bug and bite us about the faculty are. It could be anything, even people. And so myself, along with the blog team put together some of our own annoyances about the faculty to blaze the trail. Read, then follow our lead…

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Hey there! For many different reasons, it’s been a while. Save for the exam jacking, politics and elections, faculty stress, and what have you, 2016 has been a great year! The curtains have been drawn on the Resurgence Administration, and it has been a great ride. Bumpy, but still great. 
In this edition, we bring you intriguing topics in a pair. As usual, respondents ranged from incoming hyper year twos, indifferent year threes, ‘just-there’ year fours, aaaaand ‘already-thinking-about-law-school’ but happy year fives.

First, the baton has been passed from RESURGENCE to SWD. What do you expect from this incoming administration?

“For the fruits of their tree to be asserted.” -Ted.

“I expect a better coordinated LSS, in terms of the execution of their duties and plans. The last admin failed in terms of organising and coordinating its aactivities like law dinner. Students welfare is basically zero in the faculty; the lounge is a good start. Also, a better trust fund for indigent students going to law school. The LSS should be more transparent and accountable; there were various reports of misappropriation of funds in the last administration. We as students should be better intimated on how the LSS is run.” -Emmanuel.

“I just expect them to deliver as promised.” -Sonia.

“Fix our lounge! It’s in dire need of development. Fine, it can’t evolve, but at least let it develop. I must not hear them organizing tutorials. The lounge is depressing.” -Folarin.

“Work on those areas the former admin was lacking and stick to their manifesto as well. Most importantly, they should have the students at heart; the faculty at heart please I beg them.” -Makua

“Really, just improvements.I know that there are obvious differences in the faculty but I expect unity. Impact over ceremony. Better events and a lasting impression, with or without 15million. Sustainability. Welfare. Difference. That’s all.” -‘Meen.

“A bouncing baby boy. Or an epoch decision. Truly; maintaining the status quo.” -Mubarak.

“No high hopes. The administration plans seem like castles in the sky. I’d be happy if they are accomplished although I seriously doubt that. However would like to see how SWD would improve the brand of the awesome law student and mighty law faculty which has suffered hits from past administration.” -Michael.

“Good food at law dinner. More internship slots.” -David.

“I expect them to cater for the welfare of students, not only academically with tutorials and the likes, but all round: sports, psychologically, spiritually. During election season, a lot of promises are made, I’m hoping this year, the promises are actualized.” -Lanre.

“I expect them to recognize young entrepreneurs in the faculty and give them awards, like fashion designers of the year, photographer of the year, models, makeup artists and stuff like that.” -Akin.

Well said well said.

On to the next one. The year is coming to an end. What are your plans and projections for the coming year? Man proposes, God disposes. But this does not stop law students from sketching those plans at least.

“The goal for next session will always be the goal to evolve. Year 2 was a breeze and they say the higher, the cooler. So more effort sha. Also, to make Oil and Gas Bar at the top of the food chain. Like it or not, oil is the present and future. And finally, to meet a girl that’ll motivate me to be a better person, and I’ll fall absolutely in love with.”

“I am working on private projects which would be made known to the public at the right time. And considering the fact that I do not think that the current administration would satisfy my needs as a law student, I would be very distant from faculty activities I have no interest in.”

“I plan to increase my CGPA, do more school work, and stay out of faculty activities.”

“I want an easy ride next session.”

“Going for Senate. Would start timing myself right from week 3 for exams. I seem to be fairly good writing stories. I wonder if i can make something of it. New agenda; outspoken introvert.”

“I can’t really say yet. But I plan to renovate myself and my business basically.”

“I want to do professional courses, second half of the year. ACCA, Citn, maybe. Then read and pass land law and equity and all others very well.”

Well said well said. That’s all on this edition. Do well to drop your comments below. Happy holidays!

From Taiwo Famakinde’s desk

For the Blog 

Published by William-Adusa Hosanna and Great Gatsby, sorry, Opara

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Hello, Law Student. This semester, the three people whose names are contained in the title of this article have come to your attention, in one way or the other, don’t lie. The other two names in the title are US and YOU. And each of the people in it have their parts to play in today’s article. Here they are:

Tobi wants you to vote for him. 

Supreme wants you to vote for him. 

Etse wants you to vote for her. 

We want you to read the interviews we had with each of them. 

You… You can do whatever you want after that. 




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…the most hilarious ads ever…
By Law Students

So we’re Law Students! And by implication, our brains are home to some of the most creative, powerful and brilliant minds to be found anywhere on the planet! Today, we’re putting all those minds together to have a little bit of fun…just a little bit. Before the tension of resumption and the spirit of ‘Law Exams’ descend fully on all of us.

Your imagination ever just run wild and you wish for the craziest of things? Well you’re not alone…and you’re not crazy. Or at least you’re not crazy alone! Today, we’re taking all of those wishes, and placing them as ads, in the most hilarious ways possible.

How? Simple!
Let us know the craziest, almost impossible things you wish for, and tell us like we can actually give them to you.

Here are two examples from our very own Blog Admin, and a Hundred Level Student:

Name: William-Adusa Hosanna (but you can call me Shekau)
Gender: Male
Level: 400
…Is looking for a good CGPA, preferably 5.0 inches tall, and the type that is not ‘hard to get’. Must also not be the unsteady kind that fluctuates per semester, and must be of the species that doesn’t leave even if you do not study. Willing to pay 500 naira to anyone that can help procure one for me. Thank you.

Name: Hundred Level Student.
Gender: Female
Level : 100
…In need of a skilled time traveler. Someone to teleport me into 200l so I can finally start wearing white and black. Time traveler must have at least three years work experience… So he or she doesn’t mistakenly goan take me back to before I wrote jamb. You will be handsomely rewarded. Thank you

So there you have it! Easy right? The kinds of things that easily run across your own mind? You should totally do this then.

* State your name (that is already provided for before place your comment)
* Your gender
* And your current level
* Place your ad
* Send your comment
It’s that simple. Oh! And do you have another fantastic idea? By all means place another ad! The further your imagination goes, the better…
So hit the comments box, and let’s roll!

Note: we strongly recommend you tick the ‘notify me of new comments’ box, so as to remain up to date on the brilliant ads pouring in by other students…and check back regularly

We goooooooo!!!!


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