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Ifreke Inyang: Mourinho; Of Betrayal And The Last Supper – The Man Many See As Jesus? By Evabeta Tega

Published:23 Dec, 2015

To many, Jose Mourinho is the modern-day Jesus Christ.
An instant miracle worker. Good luck convincing Porto fans, who saw their own lift the Champions League in the 2003/2004 campaign. I dare you to argue with Chelsea fans, who celebrated back-to-back Premier League titles after he arrived.
Heck, he even resurrected Inter Milan. They won an unpredecented Treble with ‘dead bones’.
It gets better.
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Hey, having a nice Thursday? Well, what if we told you it gets better? We have a request, please haunt the following people with the following vestiges of their ‘before moments’ which have survived the onslaught of instagram and fresh selfies. Some of them have probably forgotten they have such photographs of themselves.

So enjoy, and please comment which were your personal favourites…

Up first we have Mr Oyewumi
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Top Ten Richest People In Nigeria 2015 And Net Worth

T.I.N MAGAZINE have just rated and compiled up a countdown of ten richest men and women in nigeria as of the year 2015. The rating was set based on the Real-time Forbes estimates of the richest personalities in nigeria and other credible net worth raters. Some people’s rating might have been judged based on 2014’s most recent rating due to the fact they have not declared their assets and they haven’t been looked into since then. Read the rest of this entry »


Next world power: Musings of a town girl – Omolade Afonja


I am not totally convinced my interest in international politics was by chance.   In fact, having the benefit of hindsight, I have come to know that the listening to the BBC on the small transistor radio and playing map game were carefully designed to arouse my interest in the subject. That was the original intention of my dad. Not that I regret it anyway. Read the rest of this entry »


State Of The Faculty S03 E12

Hi guys, so this is the last state of the Faculty for this semester. Girls have to read 🙂

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Untangle this riddle..if you can



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5 Real Trials With Mind-F#@%s Too Shocking for Fiction

Despite the gripping drama of shows like Law & Order and Matlock, there’s a reason most people dread jury duty: real-life court proceedings are as boring as watching mushrooms fight. Usually, anyway — every now and then, our normally mundane courtrooms will explode with Hollywood spectacle, resulting in real-world cases that seem more like the plot of a John Grisham movie:

#5. The Trial for an Attempted Murder Reveals an Intricate Plot by the Victim to Get Himself Killed

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