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Pretty Profiles : Ogboo Leonard 

Name; Ogboo Leonard Emeka

Level; 200

Height; 6’1

State of origin; Anambra State

Favourite food; Anything that tastes nice.

Religion; Christianity

Philosophical stance; Life gives everyone a pen. You choose to either write your story with it or alow life write it for you by accepting whatever it brings.

Relationship status; Single

Dream; To become a politician and one day become Nigeria’s president to set things right.

Hobbies; Playing football and video games, hanging out with the boys.

Dislikes; Bullies.

Interviewer’s Personal Comment;
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the fairest of them all?
After climbing forty mountains and crossing seven oceans, I finally found the perfect male counterpart for our Pretty Profiles thus week. This is none other but the Law Class of 19 finest, Ogboo Leonard Emeka. He looks very serious and formal, he agrees on the other hand that it’s only law that makes him that way. He loves dressing casually. He schooled in four different schools,which explains why he sounds very matured and experienced. He hates bullies and sounds like he’s had a history with them. He loves talking politics and would have studied Political Science, if it wasn’t law. He’s from the family of seven(Wow,right?Maybe not). He doesn’t really feel comfortable talking with females, apart from his close female friends,aa it seems he’s had a history of being tagged, Mr. StealYourGirl by some of his male friends. He doesn’t give up easily, as I have witnessed, especially in the LSS Games where he served as a defender. He is a good Catholic (Double cool) and believes that beauty goes beyond the outside as he the compliments of those who know him inside out more than that of random people. He’s fun to be with and he cracked me up throughout the whole time. Almost forgot to mention that he’s Mr. Worldwide; from the East, stays in the North, studies in the south. So, the offer is open to anyone who wants to be his first girlfriend as he reveals that he’s never really been in any relationship.


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Pretty Profiles – #Adewara Christiana

Name;  Adewara  Christiana

Level;  300

Height;  5’9

State  of  origin;  Kwara  State

Favourite  food;  Chicken  and  chips

Favourite  course;  Admin  law

Favourite  Lecturer;  Prof  Oyewo  and  Dr.  Odusote

Religion;  Christianity

Philosophical  stance;  Life  gives  everyone  a  pen.  You  choose  to  either  write  your  story  with  it    or alow  life  write  it  for  you  by  accepting  whatever  it  brings.

Relationship  status;  Dating.

Dream;  To  be  a  very  sucessful  and  prosperous  maritime  lawyer  in  nigeria  and  to  stand  out    in excelence  anywhere  I  find  myself.

Biggest  fear;  Not  being  as  succesful  as  I  aim  to  be  in  life.

Hobbies;  Singing,  sleeping  and  writing.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Meeting Hilary was one of the most interesting things that ever happened to me this week. I agree with him that he is cool and calm. He left his ‘business’ with that girl and came over for the interview, ready to listen and reply adequately. I will never forget something about him: ’’his smile’’. He has a charming smile and he replied intelligently to every questions being asked from him. Choosing you as the student of the week was not a mistake.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Beauty of the Week : Olaleye Yetunde Omowunmi

Beauty of the Week : Olaleye Yetunde Omowunmi

I am certainly no stranger to the wondrous world of the ´beauty of beauties.´ Yet, I am certain that if Aphrodite was as beautiful as Wunmi, Hephaestus would have seeked the death of Ares. Trust me, if Helen´ś beauty is enough to cause a bloody war, Wunmi´s would cause… well… I can’t find any phrase to use. This fantasy-provoking beauty is the tomato(well, tomatoes are more expensive, aren’t they?) of every testosterone-pumping guy eyes(I can’t speak for the GAbriels and GAtemen, can I?) From the class of 2020, Wunmi has only begun her march into the gentry of the Faculty of Law´s beauty coterie, and she obviously has a good start already.

A simple assiduous being with effeminate tendencies, it didn’t take much to enjoy the interview, albeit I am certain it’d have been far more gratifying if it had been a face to face interview. Really? Really! You want me to tell you how it was conducted? Do the maths. Anyway, enjoy;
Me: Wunmi tell me about yourself.
Wunmi: My full name is Olaleye Yetunde Omowunmi from a family of six, I’m the only girl. I´m from Ógun state, I am a law student, a model and a fashion designer. Basically, I love food, books, hanging out with my friends and I´m interested in photography. Read the rest of this entry »


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Spotlight on Oyinlola ‘Laylo’ Adesunkanmi

Spotlight on Oyinlola ‘Laylo’ Adesunkanmi

Finally the first semester exams are over and we can finally rest.
In the spirit of redeeming the column ‘Spotlight On’ where we basically interview interesting people in the faculty of law either creatives or just really cool people we would like to know more about….Today’s Spotlight is on a 500 level student, the past moot president and one of the most eligible bachelors in the faculty (hehe and my crush too). Read the rest of this entry »


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I am sorry, yet I’m not sorry and I’m happy. I’m sorry for leaving y’all in the lurch for the past few weeks; circumstances dictate. I believe I am back with a bang, but I leave you to be the judge of that. I am not sorry for the very simple reason that my sabbatical(hey, I just like the term, dont cast me) gave me ample time to pick the apple of every man’s eye; Linda Elegeonye of the class of 19, who so-ably represented JOC in the Manifestos 3.0. And I’m not sorry that yet again, a student from law class of 19 tops the chart(Did I just hear Anita Clement yelp for joy?).
Linda is the epitome of beauty and femifeminine magic in all ramifications, especially with that hair-style(can’t think of a better term) she is presently sporting. Astonishingly humble, fascinatingly fun and exasperatingly cheerful, one can’t help feeling she must be divine. I think there is no one, nvm.
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Political fascinations won’t stop erupting the polity. Guess what’s new? There is an advocacy that the fees of tertiary institutions be increased nationwide. Yup, you read that right. Senator Enoh, representing Cross River State has advocated this.

Your views:

“The proposed increment on fees in tertiary institutions is barbaric and should not be implemented.” -Iseoluwa Sadiq.

“It’s disastrous. It’s the last thing we need in this messy economy. With the rate of dollar and a hike in the price of everything. Education is the door to the future, and making it unaffordable is like closing the door to the future. ” -John Doe.

“If it would improve the educational system, no problem.” -Micheal Soyege.
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