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LIMITED YEARS By Baruwa Adesola

This life I live now, I love it. Although I am faced with different challenges at every point in time, and in those moments, within this foolish heart of mine, I think of death; it is all just a spur of the moment. I never want to leave the world which I live in right now. I ask myself why I love the life so much. Despite the hardships and hurdles, why I choose to remain in this blissfully cursed; why I choose to wallow in my misery and not take the easy way out. But then I discover there are a lot of reasons. I love my family, I would not want them to cry over me; I want to love deeply and foster a lovely family of mine- that which I lacked while growing up; I want to become great in the literary world and the law world – a dead person can’t achieve that. I want to tour the world and accomplish several other things beyond my thoughts now.

Despite knowing the inevitability of death and how it can come anytime,

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