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Hi everyone! We back with a bang! ✨
I’m really sorry for that wack ass intro. Before it gets any wacker as you continue to stare at it and wonder, allow me to present the first (and maybe the only) vox populi for this semester. Law’s Got Talent and Fashion Show was on 17th day of March. It stirred up varieties of reactions from the planning to the timing to the contestants and to the “invited acts.” The main auditorium was filled quite early, and someone said: “I’m sure this place is filled up because most people here are 100l students from all walks of life.” Whatever that means, we do not know. But you get the point.
So, after the event, we decided to sample opinions of those in attendance on how they felt about the program and we further asked them to rate it over 10. Most of them begged to be anonymous. We do not know why.

Rating: 6/10.
It wasn’t as good as I expected. It could have been better though. Not so spectacular after all the rave that it would be the bomb.
anon, 400l,law.

Rating: 6/10.
It was actually rather boring. But I loved the magician, the pianist and the painting. The rest were just there. We were tired of people singing. I was hoping this year there wouldn’t be as many singers.
Ayotunde, 300l law

Rating: 4/10
It was boring and a waste of time. Could have covered some reading in land law with that time. That girl from class of ’18 with her backup angels just embarrassed us mehn.
anonymous, 400l ,law

Rating: 5/10
This was my first time attending LGT and I must confess that I was disappointed. Please there should be less singing contestants. Ahn ahn,is it project fame? It was dry mehn. The magician was okay sha.
anon, 400l,law

Rating: 9/10.
LGT was amazing. The height was when Yetunde came to perform. She shut the whole place down. Men were trying to reach for greatness while she was dancing. The visually impaired girl has a beautiful voice. I did not like the way security men locked us out. But God bless LGT. It was the bomb.
anon, 300l law.

Rating- 4/10
Not as nice as last year’s LGT.
anonymous, 400l,law

Rating: 5/10
It was sort of dry in the beginning but the ending was ok. Singing was too much,jor.where did they get those performers from sef? They didn’t make sense. The magician was cool sha alongside that bootylicious babe that danced.
Theo, 200l,English

Rating: 5/10
It was a nice show, with the clothing lines and all. The nicest part was Yetunde’s bombom. Though we didn’t see Dotman, that’s a minus from the rating.
Semi, 300l law

Rating: 6/10.
It was ok though it wasn’t as organised as the last LGT.
anon,400l law

Rating: 7/10
The magician was good and those guys with him were hot. Those abs! The comedian was also funny. The rest of the show was dry.
anon,400l law

Rating: 4/10
The program was good but i expected more. It was somehow boring. There were too many acts and performances.
Jega, 300l law

Rating: 5/10.
The show was just ok. I liked the fashion shows. Please there should be more dancers next time. The singers were too many.
Anon, 200l english.

Rating: 8.5/10
LGT was madddddd. It was fun, although it started quite late. They were just bringing useless performers at first so it was quite delayed and they were now rushing at the end. But the contestants did amazing, the magic tricks by the winner slayyeedddd. And the fashion show, oh God, the guysss 😍😍.. And let’s not forget the part everybody definitely undeniably loved: Yetunde’s dance. They were just making Pretty Mike feel like one important person, I don’t understand why he was carrying umbrella inside main aud.
Funmi, 300l law.

Rating: 4/10
The organisation was very very poor. Mic was sounding funny. Time constraint too. It was f***ed up in a way. I expected more because the bcs that were going round said it was going to be lit. I was just seeing lit lit lit all over the place.
Victor, 300l law.

So there. If you still wanna say something about the show, even though the memories are almost fading from some, feel free. The comment box is all yours (but use it wisely).

By Taiwo Famakinde


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Law School is hard. Your lowest grade is your graduating class. There is a lot of pressure. 

These are a few of the things we hear about The Nigerian Law School, which is the final gate, standing between us, and our License to practice the Legal profession in Nigeria. And so making a 2.1 from Law School is no small feat. It means your lowest grade was a B! Now talk about bagging a First Class! Means you made a straight 5 points! But that is not all…to be best graduating student, it means your individual grades were the highest! You 5.0 was the ‘5.0-iest’…and that, is a big deal. A very VERY big deal!

It is our pleasure to announce that this year, the singular person who achieved this feat is one of ours. Ayo Kadiri of the Law Class of ’15 just got called to the Bar, and it was no small call. Before she went on to do this, we’ll have you know that while still in school, she was a founding member of the Blog Committee, an Exco of the Gani Chambers, Editor in Chief of the Lex Observer, was the first representative of the Tax Club at the Tax Quiz of the Annual Tax Conference…and she made a 2.1.

What prospects the Legal profession holds for her cannot be imagined, as she is already being terribly coveted by law firms all over Nigeria, the UK, and beyond. We will be sure to keep our fingers crossed, and our ears open for her news when she takes the scene. Did we forget to say, Congratulations Barrister Ayodele Kadri!

Who said hard work doesn’t pay……oh that’s right, Nobody.

Published By William-Adusa Hosanna and Great Opara



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#Anticipate!!! Something You Want – by Pryce Williams 

#Anticipate!!! Something You Want – by Pryce Williams 

Our faculty is home to brilliant minds and talented people. Whether it’s enterprising entrepreneurs you’re looking for, or Tech savvy app developers , to prolific artsy geniuses… Our faculty is room for each of them to thrive. 

As such, it’s our pleasure to announce a new song from one of our very own and very best, Pryce Williams popularly known as Jide Agbaje-Williams ( I think I might have reversed the order there).

He is a gifted singer and rapper who has been featured on the Unilag Campus Heat Cipher. And his J. Cole inspired ‘Let Rap Down’ is a personal favorite of mine. 

Pryce has hit the studio one more time and he wants us to anticipate his new single ‘Something you want’ which drops soon and is Produced by Don L37 of Chocolate City.

We’re waiting!




I love this cover art

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“The Good, The bad and the ugly” is what comes into people’s minds at the sound of Law Dinner Review, but don’t worry. Now that I got your attention, you can now relax and read what went down at Law Dinner, 2016.

Almost every Law Student got hyped up for Law Dinner which was supposed to hold at Landmark Event Centre. Of course, other faculties started tagging us, “rich” and everyone started feeling fly. Till about 5 o’clock on Friday, broadcast messages were still sent around to remind people that Law Dinner would be at Landmark Event Centre.
At exactly 6:13, a bc came in, informing us all that we just played the fool and that Law Dinner was meant to hold at Muson Centre from the start. Hohoho! You couldn’t have imagined the mockery in my room that day. But hey! I don’t have self esteem issues, so I just braced up and said some really smart things to save myself from embarrassment. But the Uber Code really helped. I got 2k off my ride.. Thumbs up to #ResurgenceTeam for that.

So, the event was supposed to start by 7:30,according to the bc, and if you calculate according to African time, it was supposed to start by 8 or 8:30(if worse turns to worst). I majestically climbed out of my Uber ride, full of excitement and anticipation around 8:40 and the whole place was dry, probably due to the change in venue. I got my tag and walked in to find things being put in place… Okay… It really looked like a di-minute event. I took my seat. And to my surprise, Timi Oyewo, a finalist and Zino, a sophomore mounted the stage as the anchors of the day. Mr. Oyewo doesn’t look the type for that kind of job and he wasn’t really good at it,but he tried, and so did Aunty Zino.
About 20 minutes later, Ikeoluwa, former TEC president and a certain Garrick were invited to the stage as the hosts of the day,and that was impromptu. This got me wondering if the change of venue affected the other plans, too. They were eventually saved by a certain Saviour. He cracked jokes and those of us who weren’t too proud laughed. Celebrities and Dignitaries such as Bimbo Akintola, the Ibru family and graced the occasion.
So, at the time the food was supposed to be served, as against last year’s buffet, I saw trays of Mavise with food orders of 50 naira jollof rice, 50naira fried rice, 50 naira Cole slaw and Chicken; building down to the whooping sum of 150. But as the grateful person I always am, I took it appreciatively and happily. Of the 10 people on my table, 4 people were not able to eat the food due to the fact that it tasted burnt; bimagine, wasting 150naira Ike that. The caterers even made us beg before we got serviettes.
So, of course, we had to console ourselves… With pictures. Don’t let the stunning pictures deceive you though; pictures… Iie.

So, the dinner ended at about 1am,and till 3, most people were still at The Muson Centre. The venue for the after party was not easy to find and it was far. It was around Meadow Hall school, Lekki. The venue was perfect, even though the house was too small for the number of people present. The pool looked well treated and inviting; but perhaps it looked that way cos there was no light to show otherwise. The music was hot, but the DJ must have felt different, since he kept sleeping. And as though all these aren’t enough “infringement on our right to dignity” there are rumors that some people were locked up at the venue, for a while, on the ground that we didn’t make full payment. But what do I know? It’s just a rumor.
Above everything, shoutout to #ResurgenceTeam for the wonderful treat. We will live to remember this year’s Law Dinner.


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Have you ever seen a girl who reasonably ought to have met her ‘MR PERFECT’ (if that exists) but couldn’t because she was busy with her ‘make-up’ in the ‘closet’ when she ought to be outside? Believe me, you are that girl IF you didn’t come for Gani Chamber dinner that took place last week because you actually missed a lot…the fun, entertainment, the educative part, the spoken word poetry , THE FOOD, the big book and so many more?… Wait a minute, may I ask you a question? Why didn’t you come?
Good news! I have decided to show you what you missed. Permit me to present to you FIVE categories of people that were present…. THE BEAUTIFUL  JEWELLS, THE HANDSOME GUYS, THE CREATIVE ONES ‘PERFECT COUPLES’’,  and ‘THE AWARD WINNERS’.

Coming down to the first category: THE BEAUTIFUL JEWELS,
The NUMBER 3 babe is Gboremi, the current V.P of ADR. She is obviously pretty and her dress was on point on that day.


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*Responses are unfiltered.
*Respondents are anonymous for their own safety.

It’s that interesting time of the session again! Faculty elections are upon us! This time, Supreme wants to deliver, Tobolos wants us to evolve, and Etse …errr …Etse is a girl. No really, ignoring all the poppycock BCs are portraying, which candidate do you think should NOT win the race for the LSS presidency, but of even greater importance; why?
We took to the “streets” of the Faculty of Law to sample students’ opinions on this topical issue. Views aired, thoughts voiced, and shots fired. People are not smiling.

“Etse. I have an issue with her. She hasn’t done anything for the faculty. I heard she’s active in ADR, but you can’t just come from somewhere and say you want to be president. Show us you’re willing to serve and you have what it takes. And then you want to control over a thousand people. Her friends are giving her bad advise and she should opt out of the race. I don’t think anybody wants to vote for her. And please, her campaign people should stop saying she’s a girl.”

“Supreme. I feel like he has nothing to offer. I feel like he cannot command. He doesn’t have sufficient antecedents. I feel like he just doesn’t need to lose another election.”

“Obviously the girl. She shouldn’t bother. Etse or whatever is her name. She shouldn’t bother because I don’t think she has any chance of winning. She should just leave it for the guys because seriously, nobody is going to vote for her. Well, people might, but I doubt if she’ll get a reasonable number of votes. The fact that she’s a girl is a kind of automatic disqualification for her. It’s a normal thing na. She should just leave it for the guys. Well, if she wins, it’s her luck. I’ll be happy for her.”

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Heeelllloooooo beautiful people of the prestigious Faculty of Law. We
have an interesting something for you on this exclusive edition of our
vox-pop. It’s not new that we claim to get far beyond what we expected
after working effortlessly and breaking sweats just so we don’t fail.
Our results. They have seemed discouraging. Very very. But what can we
do? Sugar don enter garri. Na to drink am remain. However, the
“elders” in the faculty have been consulted as to what else can be
done aside drinking sniper or jumping into the lagoon. The heads of
chambers and associations in the faculty were approached, and they
gave their widow’s mite: Read the rest of this entry »


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