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It’s that interesting time of the session again! Faculty elections are upon us! This time, Supreme wants to deliver, Tobolos wants us to evolve, and Etse …errr …Etse is a girl. No really, ignoring all the poppycock BCs are portraying, which candidate do you think should NOT win the race for the LSS presidency, but of even greater importance; why?
We took to the “streets” of the Faculty of Law to sample students’ opinions on this topical issue. Views aired, thoughts voiced, and shots fired. People are not smiling.

“Etse. I have an issue with her. She hasn’t done anything for the faculty. I heard she’s active in ADR, but you can’t just come from somewhere and say you want to be president. Show us you’re willing to serve and you have what it takes. And then you want to control over a thousand people. Her friends are giving her bad advise and she should opt out of the race. I don’t think anybody wants to vote for her. And please, her campaign people should stop saying she’s a girl.”

“Supreme. I feel like he has nothing to offer. I feel like he cannot command. He doesn’t have sufficient antecedents. I feel like he just doesn’t need to lose another election.”

“Obviously the girl. She shouldn’t bother. Etse or whatever is her name. She shouldn’t bother because I don’t think she has any chance of winning. She should just leave it for the guys because seriously, nobody is going to vote for her. Well, people might, but I doubt if she’ll get a reasonable number of votes. The fact that she’s a girl is a kind of automatic disqualification for her. It’s a normal thing na. She should just leave it for the guys. Well, if she wins, it’s her luck. I’ll be happy for her.”

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Heeelllloooooo beautiful people of the prestigious Faculty of Law. We
have an interesting something for you on this exclusive edition of our
vox-pop. It’s not new that we claim to get far beyond what we expected
after working effortlessly and breaking sweats just so we don’t fail.
Our results. They have seemed discouraging. Very very. But what can we
do? Sugar don enter garri. Na to drink am remain. However, the
“elders” in the faculty have been consulted as to what else can be
done aside drinking sniper or jumping into the lagoon. The heads of
chambers and associations in the faculty were approached, and they
gave their widow’s mite: Read the rest of this entry »


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02:06 AM

The value of Naira continues to be depressed. It has tumbled significantly at the parallel market, presently hitting 361 against the dollar. This has affected the prices of commodities nationwide. Even sellers of locally made goods give “dollar” as an excuse for an increase in price. Food sellers too are reducing the quantities they sell. Like one Thursday I wanted to buy food after back to back lectures. The food vendor served some ten grains of jollof rice for a hundred naira. I asked “what’s up” and she said “dollar.” My jaw dropped. Then I realised it wasn’t her fault.
Why is Naira falling:'(. Could it be due to tactical and strategic blunder? Forces of demand and supply? Or maybe poor Naira has always been hurt.
You don’t say.

“Every f*cking thing. We’re pursued in this Nigeria. Don’t you see it? We get a new president that has good plans and then oil, which is a major source of foreign exchange, has a globally reduced price which steadily declines. It’s not normal to me. If one should decide to talk about this issue, you’d just cry.” -Iseoluwa.
“The question is, does the Naira even have value? I really don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on in Nigeria.” -Tobi.
“Our major source of foreign exchange is crude oil. Since there’s a drop in price it will affect the parallel market.” -Collins.
“Maybe little demands of our products overseas.” -Ife.
“Everything. Poor economy. Corruption. Excess imports compared to exports.” -Divine.
“Naira is dropping because Nigerians are too lazy. And we have no one to blame.. Because we had the chance and power to change.” -Dubem.
“I am not much of a economist, but I’m totally in tandem with Udo Ntudo. Operating a one-product based economy can do nothing but spell doom for an economy. It is no secret that oil prices have fallen to the point of being chthonic, even clearer is the fact that Nigeria has been paying lip service to developing a diversified economy.
Laconically, all these put together explains the exegesis of the free fall of the naira.Want to add something; blaming Emefiele for the fall is like blaming DSA for inadequate hostel. While it is convenient, it is very illogical as it is above his salt.” -Mubarak.

So. If you’re confused about what to do with the fallen (if not falling) naira, we have a self- help-for-dummies guide. Check out I should end this piece with “idk tho” so you don’t say one blog crew ruined your life😁
Ramadan Shareef.


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In this edition, we bring to you a topic, well, not too intriguing, but then it’s quite interesting. It’s what people from other faculties think of we law students. As usual, various opinions were sampled, and minds were spoken. Enjoy.

“They like book too much, and they have hidden talents.” –Banks; Engineering.

“The ones I know are cool. Normal everyday students. In your white and black.” –Daniel; Architecture.

“The girls are hot. The guys are dumb af. They are cool people sha. But I think there’s lots of forming. I also feel they do co-operate and support one another tho.” –Lamipe; FSS.

“Uh I think they are really cool and highly intellectual set of people, at least the ones I know. They’re hard workers and people you can call the ‘leaders of tomorrow.’” –Tolu; Sciences.

“They are classy, intelligent, proud, and they have this air of authority they carry about when they walk. I think that black and white, o ma n gun yin gan (translated as ‘the black and white dressing gets into our heads’). Oh, and they’re friendly.” –Kenny; Accounting.

“I don’t know what to say about law students na. They are iintelligent and confident.” -Eche; Engineering.

“They are cool, I think. Well, people have the mindset that you guys are proud, but then I doubt. They’re misunderstood, mostly.” –Chineme; Arts.

“Lawyers are liars. So law students should be potential liars. They have no respect for each other, because they have no department. You think you can just wake up to a year five guy who will break your heart. Then you’re in year four. You run to engineering looking for potential husband. Bullocks.” –Chidubem; Engineering.

Hours and I’m still confused at the last response. Well well, people are entitled to their “opinions.”


IMG 20160120 WA0001  Taiwo Famakinde is a member of the Law class of ’19. She is a fun loving writer who likes to conduct interviews and vox pops (sampling people’s opinions on a particular issue). She enjoys reading, music and travelling.


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Political fascinations won’t stop erupting the polity. Guess what’s new? There is an advocacy that the fees of tertiary institutions be increased nationwide. Yup, you read that right. Senator Enoh, representing Cross River State has advocated this.

Your views:

“The proposed increment on fees in tertiary institutions is barbaric and should not be implemented.” -Iseoluwa Sadiq.

“It’s disastrous. It’s the last thing we need in this messy economy. With the rate of dollar and a hike in the price of everything. Education is the door to the future, and making it unaffordable is like closing the door to the future. ” -John Doe.

“If it would improve the educational system, no problem.” -Micheal Soyege.
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In this edition, we bring to you intriguing topics in a pair.
The first facet being a one of preference cum sentiments and the other, dealing with students’ latest cry over the faculty charge of 6K for the session due.


Yetunde Haliart. She’s down to earth and a really humble person. She’s one of the people I admire in the faculty.. lowkey.”
-Victor Oriaifo, 200L.

“It’s Tobolos. He’s my okay guy (he’s my okay guy too, he’s everyone okay guy). Err.. well, he seems balanced, and I think he thinks my thought sometimes (this one doesn’t even know how to famz). To think he’s smart, intelligent, sporty and witty, he got my thumb. That combo is rare.
-Idowu Lawrence, 200L
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Nigeria, as a country, is faced with many problems. With corruption at the peak, insecurity follows. At intervals, we are enraptured with one ridiculous piece news or the other. The latest political fascination to have enraptured the polity is the revelation that the 2016 budget of the Federal government got missing or had been faked. The budget which was presented by the president to the joint session of the National Assembly, on the 22nd day of December, before the end of year yuletide break reportedly grew legs (maybe wings too) in the Senate bureaucracy.
I became curious. I pondered on this ‘mystery’ for a while, then, I sampled various opinions by different students of the faculty.
Some students were indifferent and had “nothing to say.” Others, however, had “something to say,” and they voiced their stance on this issue:
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