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Pretty Profiles : Ogboo Leonard 

Name; Ogboo Leonard Emeka

Level; 200

Height; 6’1

State of origin; Anambra State

Favourite food; Anything that tastes nice.

Religion; Christianity

Philosophical stance; Life gives everyone a pen. You choose to either write your story with it or alow life write it for you by accepting whatever it brings.

Relationship status; Single

Dream; To become a politician and one day become Nigeria’s president to set things right.

Hobbies; Playing football and video games, hanging out with the boys.

Dislikes; Bullies.

Interviewer’s Personal Comment;
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the fairest of them all?
After climbing forty mountains and crossing seven oceans, I finally found the perfect male counterpart for our Pretty Profiles thus week. This is none other but the Law Class of 19 finest, Ogboo Leonard Emeka. He looks very serious and formal, he agrees on the other hand that it’s only law that makes him that way. He loves dressing casually. He schooled in four different schools,which explains why he sounds very matured and experienced. He hates bullies and sounds like he’s had a history with them. He loves talking politics and would have studied Political Science, if it wasn’t law. He’s from the family of seven(Wow,right?Maybe not). He doesn’t really feel comfortable talking with females, apart from his close female friends,aa it seems he’s had a history of being tagged, Mr. StealYourGirl by some of his male friends. He doesn’t give up easily, as I have witnessed, especially in the LSS Games where he served as a defender. He is a good Catholic (Double cool) and believes that beauty goes beyond the outside as he the compliments of those who know him inside out more than that of random people. He’s fun to be with and he cracked me up throughout the whole time. Almost forgot to mention that he’s Mr. Worldwide; from the East, stays in the North, studies in the south. So, the offer is open to anyone who wants to be his first girlfriend as he reveals that he’s never really been in any relationship.


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I honestly do not know what to say when it comes to OLUWATOBI OLOWOKURE AKA TOBOLOS. He is completely amaaaazing. He is the secretary General of the law students society, co founder of THE MICROPHONE (Best public speaking classes in unilag) , assistant striker of his class football team and so on. He was currently nominated 8th most eligible bachelor in the whole faculty!!!. On this week’s edition of stunner of the week Tobi opens up on his busy, love life plus his future LSS ambition. Enjoy!
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Cos girl you’re amazing, just the way you are.
As I went about the task of picking one of the many very beautiful girls that constitute the jeunesse doree of the faculty of law, Bruno Mar’s lyrics kept playing in my head. Of course it is no question of searching for a needle in a haystack, but one of picking an outstanding beauty amongst a sea of others to see. Convinced that I couldn’t decide on one person based on pulchritudinous qualities alone, I decided to go for both the within and the without. And finally, I found a perfect fit in Onoja Rejoice of the law class of ‘19,
Rejoice is a very honest down-to-earth everyone’s sweetheart who seems to share a pulse with her bestie; Azeezat, I’d leave you to imagine the spring in my gait as I took her to lagoon front for the interview(only the interview o) that left me sore on the cheeks because of excessive laughter.
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You cannot count the Top 5 cutest boys in the law class of 18 without mentioning Aladegbaye Emmanuel.  I mean,  he is everything you want in a guy,  he is Tall, dark and boy is he BEAUTIFUL!!!  I mean the ladies just cannot get enough  of him.  Imagine my shock when I heard he hasnt been  featured here;  anyway I figured it must be because he is an introvert.   So I grabbed my bag of questions and ‘accidentally’  ran into him.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Stunner of the Week – Roqeeb Adebayo RQB

This week, our stunner although in the ‘M.I. gang’ has got the looks and appeal.

He is of the law class of ’16. A native of Oyo state. He is quite reserved although the same cannot be said when he is with his friends.
His names are Raheem Roqeeb Adebayo simply called RQB (because it is less stressful). A Muslim and his birthday is the 10th of June. He’s from a family of 6 with 4 kids. Himself and 3 girls. He says, ” I am their coffee, they are my crème”.

~ Likes and Dislikes:
I adore really zealous people, I like to see hardwork, tenacity and persistence in people. It inspires me. I dislike having to sleep. I wish I could figure out a way to restore life energy without having to sleep. I like music, I like football. I like that my grass Is green. I dislike that it’s greener on the other side.
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Beauty Of the Week – Iffie Obiago

She’s a member of the Class of ’15 and is truly beautiful with an amazing personality. I enjoyed every moment of the interview with her. She’s  Ifechukwude Obiago…  But most people just stick to ‘Iffie‘, she says it is because,It’s easier to pronounce. She hails from Delta state and is the last of four kids.

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Stunner of the week- Richard Agbash

Happy New year people. So I came across this ou-la-la-cious figure and I couldn’t wait to share with y’all. Consider this my new year gift ladies and yes, you’re welcome.
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