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Pictures from the Abiola Ojo Sports Festival Press Conference

Report by Hosanna William and Great Opara                                                     Photos by Olamide Egbinola

So the Abiola Ojo Sports Festival is brewing, while bringing with it a tidal wave of anticipation and preparatory gimmicks. The 22ndof July saw the student body hosting a press conference to serve as a John the Baptist of sorts to the main Jesus event which is beginning in August. The first of its kind, it was quite an interesting spectacle where the athletes from the various classes could be seen beating their chests and blowing their trumpets as loudly as they could. Challenges were met with counter challenges as painful, shameful and victorious and glorious precedents were all brought back up. The former swearing on their honour to erase all the bitter memories by bulldozing their way to fame and prominence and the latter promising to not rest on their oars and continually tread the victory path. The fixtures were announced and the various events that will be taking place and we can say, they were all quite impressive, keeping us as anticipatory as possible with everything ranging from the famed guys’ football tournament to the recluse scrabble games in the lounge. The trophies were unveiled and if our judgment is anything to go by, they’re to die (or rather, to kill) for. Ultimately, the maiden event served its purpose as we are all pumping and rearing to go! Bring it on, for the games are coming! #DoYouDare

Since we’re generous, we will be whetting your appetite with a few images from the event (along with our own expert captions on them) Enjoy!


The publicity banners for the event showing some of the faculty’s most skilled athletes









Our president addressing the audience at the beginning of the conference







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