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Pair of the Week – Rolake and Yemi (Rolomi)



Love is the master key that opens the gates to happiness” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Happiness means many different things to many different people. While for most of us, happiness is having really full pockets and plenty to spend on whatever, I know a friend whose happiness can be defined simply by having a few drinks and maybe a few puffs.
Not many things are better than finding what really makes you happy. Sir Oliver Holmes describes Love as the master key to happiness, an assertion that I cannot disagree with (for obvious reasons) and I have proof. However, since I clearly cannot be a judge in my own court as the latin maxim, nemo judex incasua sua suggests, I brought along some non-me related evidence.
Step forward, SPECIMEN A, Morolake Adesina and Abayomi Ogundare of the Law Class of 17, our LSS Pair, the very first since the famous Ajalapo (Ajaja & Dolapo).
It’s not news that we’ve been short on beautiful couples in the faculty (pls Law students toast yourselves). It’s either the pretty girl isn’t saying Yes to the boy because she has her eye on some engineering guy who she thinks is a lot more good-looking Read the rest of this entry »


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Pair Of the Week

When I first heard of Ajaja and Dolapo, I was curious because I had heard so many things about them, especially that they were the best couple in the faculty. Bearing in mind all this, it was no surprise that I was looking forward to this interview with them. Read the rest of this entry »


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