Ladies and gentlemen it’s that time of the year again. No, not the time when pregnancy rates skyrocket among teenage girls, you’re thinking of February 14th. It’s the time for giving and receiving (mostly receiving), it’s that time of the year when we undertake to share Christmas cheer with those dear to us as 2017 comes to an end and we meditate on our life choices especially the many unfulfilled New Year resolutions.

Regardless of whatever religious ideology or non-idealogy you subscribe to, the Christmas season is an eagerly anticipated part of Nigerian life. So eagerly anticipated in fact that some of our eastern brethren spend an entire year saving up just to goan ‘ball’ in the village for the last two weeks of the year. We are totally in support of this idea. Go out there and ball. Stunt on these haters. What are you waiting for? You deserve it after the hardship this country has put you through. Since you’ve been able to outsmart the village witches and have made it to another year end, it can only mean that even your ancestors are strongly in support of the massive balling that you are about to unleash, so do not hold back for anyone or anything.

However, the truth is that as one gets older the fun of the festive season unavoidably and inexplicably begins to diminish. When your Christmas wishes start to go from a new bicycle or PS4 to  ‘anything but an F in Law of Trusts’ that’s when you realize how fast you are growing (and failing).

So today we shall be tapping into our divine anointing as Law students while we attempt to physically manifest our wishes, dreams and hopes for our dear Faculty of Law.

The rules are simple. You write a comment in the comments section below starting with “I wish”, then you go ahead to speak (type) life into your deepest wishes for the Faculty and your overall life as a Law student.

Eg wish that the Faculty stops this attendance bs in 2018. Mans must go to Law School with his set abeg.

I wish that the principalities and powers that have tied my GP down will die by fire. Rise GP, rise!

I wish that this Adedire boy will finally see me for the woman that I am. I’m tired of the friend zone lord.

I wish that my helper will finally come to the Faculty and embarrass me with money and gifts. This broke life must end in 2018.

So you get the point yeah? Keep the wishes as simple, funny, ingenious and creative as possible. And who knows? Your very own Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Daddy G.O or some incredibly wealthy member of the Faculty just might step in and change your destiny. Or not.

Check your internet connection (Glo users), drop your comment(s), sit back, relax and enjoy. Your wish just might come true today✌

Published by Great Opara and Taiwo Famakinde, For the LSS Blog

PS – The Blog’s 7 Days of Christmas starts on the 25th and ends on the 31st. Watch this space and stay tuned.


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Remember remember, the fifth of November; the gunpowder, treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot! – (V for Vendetta)       _____________________________________________

For as many people that have watched and understand the movie, V for Vendetta, is more or less a modern day retelling of the events surrounding Guy Fawkes Night in old England, albeit with a few moral and human rights plot twists and turns. Although Guy Fawkes might have had the wrong reasons when he tried to blow up the House of Lords on the 5th of November 1605, the 2005 movie V for Vendetta is a classic portrayal by Natalie Portman and her co-actors of the age old story about the common man finally standing up to despotic rulers and oppressors.

See the beautiful thing about books, movies and other select art forms is their ability to capture human life so excellently that you’re left wondering if the writer/author/creator is one of those fiery type prophets of biblical times. Masterpieces like ‘Lord of the Flies’ and ‘Animal Farm’ are prime examples of where humanity is presented at its very worst, and are books I would strongly recommend for any person with an imagination, just so he or she can understand the fucked up circus that is our society.

These are the thoughts that occupy me today as I once again make the journey to the border of Cameroon for purposes of a ‘practical legal education’ or so my job description tells me. For the billionth time this year, I feel the need to put into words my strong distaste for this comedy of errors we call our dear country Nigeria. See, sitting in a bus going to Ajah; as you witness the long, seemingly unending roads before you, it’s almost impossible to not begin to compare your life (and final destination) to the roads of Ajah and thus you start to ask yourself questions like “What do I want in life?” and more importantly “Can I achieve all this in Nigeria?”.

The first time I attempted this journey to the bowels of Ajah, I was struck by just how far this place is and I asked myself why someone would set up a Law Firm here. More importantly, I asked myself why I carried my big head and started an internship in a place farther than the promised land the Israelites spent years trying to reach. After the headache and stress I’ve been through over the last couple of weeks, you can imagine my response to this idea of a ‘Pupilage’ something being proposed by the Napoleon‘s and Snowball‘s of our very own Animal Farm. I apologize if any of your various fathers is involved in this madness, but please when you get home help me and ask him what exactly we did wrong that his generation seems hell bent on either wrecking us or wrecking the country for us now that our time has come.

Speaking of wrecking the country, over the last few days it seems Nigerians have decided to go full rogue on the menace that is the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The hash tag #EndSARS has gone beyond trending on social media, and real life physical protests are being organized in parts of the country. My advice, if you strongly feel that this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed (as you should) kindly join either the online, offline or both platforms of the protests. Just be very careful as you go about this, cos this SARS people ehn they have MSc in brutality and ‘restoring to factory settings’. Like, if there was a University course on police beatings, that pot bellied SARS officer at your junction would be a professor of something, and maybe then you wouldn’t hate him so much. But don’t let that deter you please. If we don’t take back our country, who will?

Another issue I’d like to bring up is Hostel Accommodation in the University of Lagos. See for the very first time, the Wizard of Oz in charge of granting people bed space in the magical and fabulous castles of Eni-Njoku and Makama finally looked upon me with grace and gave me accommodation in school. For the first bloody time since I gained admission! The amount of money that has been spent on my accommodation expenses over the last 4 years is more than enough to buy and furnish a flat in some parts of Lekki. For those of you who (un)fortunately were not given accommodation, let me give you the same advice you’ve presented me with since 100level…better goan squat, or begin your own protests, or kill yourself, as I commence clearing of my bedspace while hoping that the bedbugs assigned to the room will die by fire in the mighty name of Jesus.

Today also marks day 53 of my sugar mummy quest and I’m not understanding again. First of, I see nothing wrong in securing your very own ‘glucose dispenser’ as it is becoming increasingly necessary to mitigate Nigeria’s harshness. If you wanna take the leap but you’re scared that your particular sugar daddy/mummy will be the type that likes using people for rituals lol, I’m sorry for you but it’s like you’re not ready. So they’ll use your destiny and make money ehen? And so what? You that has the destiny, what are you using it for like this please? Mtcheeeew better get serious. Also if any of you has the number for the sugar mummy WhatsApp group, please help a brother out.

My mother has also been on my neck that despite the number of females I’m rumored to know, I’m yet to introduce anyone of them to the family. Once again I had to strongly reassure her that this young man has no plans to settle down for at least the next 9 years thus, she should stop dreaming about beautiful grandchildren from my side for now. The thing is despite how utterly intelligent and beautiful (some of you literally look good enough to eat, better than chocolate in fact) you ladies are, you people don’t know what you want. The average Nigerian female thinks ‘shooting her shot’ means liking your picture on Instagram. Lmaoooo you are very mad. Do you know all the things I have to do and the lies I have to tell when shooting my shot with you? You’ll now come and double tap my picture and in your mind you’ve tried yeah? lol it seems you’re not ready for life and happiness with me, and so I happily enter into 2018 a single man with the world at his feet.

And finally on 2018, along with my resolutions which will be forgotten after the first week, I also intend on being the nicest and most approachable person there ever was. lol or at least I’ll try. Plus, Lionel Messi will be winning the 2018 World Cup with Argentina so that’s something to look forward to. And then there’s the Nigerian politics all geared towards the 2019 elections as we see these old men once again start their lies and false promises. What hope is there for a country where the top candidates for the top job are men who should, at best, be locked up in retirement homes (or prisons)? Sigh it is well.

As we march toward the new year, I rebuke, cast and bind the spirit of selective remembrance that plagues us as Nigerians. When something has failed in its totality, only a thorough, real and complete overhaul is required. Anything short of this is madness clothed in over priced agbada.

We don’t need a prophet, soothsayer or Commissioner for Happiness and Couple’s fulfilment to tell us that the time to act is Now!

Great Opara






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Hi there. It’s Ignis yet again. I don’t know if any of you remember when I wrote about the governor of Imo State? Well, this article is another one, an unprecedented and previously unforeseen sequel to the analysis of how this roach-ass of a governor has been representing Imo state indigenes home and…….home and……sha, Imo indigenes. 

  So, I heard that he just very recently appointed a number of almost 30 commissioners and local government council leaders, including his sister,…yes, his sister. But that’s not even the big deal. It’s not the first time we’ve seen politicians in Africa put their kin in positions of power, nor will it be the last. The big deal is, what function this sister was given. She was made the commissioner of….of “happiness and marriage fulfilment. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m surprised that neither the Federal government nor any of the other state governments has ever been able to think up such an embarrassing solution to a major problem in Nigeria at the end. I’m sure none of us is oblivious to the fact that the majority of the lot of  us are unhappy, disgruntled, and maybe even livid about one or three things. And happiness, just like everything else in life, begins at home. It’s absolutely impossible to have a dysfunctional marriage relationship and still be able to function in your day to day activities properly. So, I’m very sure that the appointment of a commissioner to leave all the other trivial and unimportant things of life, and attend to the issue of unfulfilled and boring marriages will be a welcome idea in our society. I’m looking forward to seeing it spread throughout the country. It will go a long way in fixing the corruption problem, bridging the ginormous lacuna between rich and poor, upgrading the healthcare system, the education sector and the economic brouhaha that is already part of our coat of arms. All we need is just a little happiness and fulfilment in our marriages and homes. And what’s the best way to ensure that? By Nigerian standards, all this commissioner for marriage fulfilment and happiness has to do, is organise a team of hungry kinsmen who would draw a budget to the tune of millions  of naira with which to provide families with sex products and related paraphernalia to help keep them “happy and fulfilled”. I’d have said the commissioner would help provide jobs for spouses who are without employment, or support families financially, to keep them happy, but that’s too lugubrious to ask of any Nigerian politician. 
  Anyway, it is actually commendable that a governor who became famous for erecting a statue of the president of another country in his state, would appoint his sister as the commissioner for happiness and marriage fulfilment. It really should be adopted by other leaders…in Nigeria and outside. It’ll be a remarkable step in proffering solutions to a lot of the problems that have plagued us humans. Mr. Okorocha has finally given hope to people who wanted to read law, but who ended up in Guidance and Counselling Edu. Congratulations to them as they can now go to Imo state to give happiness tips and fulfilment lessons to indigenes. Sources close to the Office of the Governor of Imo State (which is basically just an office space slightly emptier than the bank of ideas that the Governor boasts of) have told me that other plans the Governor has for Imo state include a School of Thought, as in an actual building where people can just come and take thinking classes, and then a silent radio station, amongst others. I’ll let you know of more updates regarding the irrelevant projects being undertaken by the government of Imo state, as time goes on. But for right now, I have to queue up to get fuel, so, adiós amigos!

  By the way, who else has seen the Justice League movie?? That shii is litter than dustbin! And don’t even get me started on the new Avengers trailer,…it is turnt!!!


Written by Mayowa Akinyemi


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  Hi there…it’s Ignis again. Welcome to one of the richest buffets of ice cold and insensitive conglomeration of words ever served on this platform. So, please, note that this post is rated “I” for “Intelligence”, and is hence unsuitable for readers who may lack such.

  So, today, I want to talk about what’s been happening outside Nigeria lately to some Nigerians and non Nigerians. Now, you may (or may not) recall a time when I was talking about Africa and our archaic ways, and how that is the best way for us to progress. I’m sure you all know that the only way to thrust forward is to go all the way back first. Well, it seems some other African nations have decided to heed my honest advice, most notably, Libya. Libya lately has really impressed me by taking us back to the good old days of slavery. You know it would be an absolute shame for white people to just come and take our lands and rule us for years, only to be telling us to abolish slave trade. Like who are they to do that?? Are they mad?? Who says we don’t like slavery?? We enjoy it! We like stopping our education at junior school level, then traveling to one uncle or Aunty’s house in the city to do “Houseboy/housegirl”. We like sacrificing the productive portion of our youth for the betterment of people who have already made it! We like contributing majority of our hard earned, sweat soaked allowances to the growth of the “pastors” living in opulence, instead of using the money to build ourselves and one another so we too can live in opulence and “be blessed by God”. We enjoy limiting ourselves and our minds to philosophies like “I must be a doctor, lawyer or Engineer, so I can have money and make my parents proud”. We absolutely love it! And that’s the reason why we emigrate to other parts of the world where the grass is greener… most of us not because we want to improve the quality of the grass there, but to graze and overgraze till there’s no more grass, then we move right to the next one. However, we’ve been discovered for our true usefulness by people who really appreciate us, instead of some people who are bent on deporting us from their land. 

The Libyans have discovered how useful we can be as labourers since their own skin is only built for enjoyment, and now they’re selling our brothers and sisters like  it’s Christmas bazaar. The Libyans are actually the smartest Africans because instead of being xenophobic, they’ve actually given us what we want….which is to work. So, I really don’t see why people like Bishop TD Jakes, Chris Brown and some Nigerian celebs looking to trend on social media are trying to make Libyans look bad. Did they come and take us from here?? Shebi we went to meet them there ni?? Ehehn, so what’s all this noise?? Please and please if you know you don’t have things to do like hustling for accommodation in Unilag Hellholes, then please, go and sit down. I’m on my way to interview the upright Nigerian citizen who rejected a whole 325 million naira from the FG cause it was too small. I’ll see you guys later. Thank you..

   By the way, lest I forget, please who knows the whereabouts of aunty Grace of Zimbabwe? She left one foot of her shoes here oh..

Written by Mayowa Akinyemi


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Come, gently, come closer,

Face me squarely and be my muse.

My love for you is no longer news

Yea, it is the music of love-

That has prompted me here 

With my palette and gear.

I bury my brush in my palette, softly

And swing it to the canvas, swiftly 

And succinctly, I make beautiful strokes 

Impressing you, raising your hopes-

That the final work will astonish you 

Like a hoax.
But nay, I art a fraud,

Never having consulted art’s drawing board.

The price of apprenticeship, I can’t even afford

Cloaking these in lies, you took my word 

That I was a lord 

Lording it over this sacred art

Immortalizing nobles, ladies and dukes

Marking trifles that resemble their looks.
Nay still, I shall not undeceive you 

Rather, stay still and keep that smile;

Feel at home- my studio, your castle

Have faith as my strokes pile.

Until you tangle me in truth’s lasso,

I remain your Pablo Picasso.

Written by Clinton Durueke


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A whole lot of people have been trying to get all serious with the break, while some others like me just enjoy the fact that I can chill through the holidays. Not to mention the release of the flood gates of results. Oh yes that moment is always the climax of the holiday adventure. Nonetheless here’s a little something to ruminate on. The 5 things you can still do for the rest of the holiday.
1) Pay your undergraduate fees and ballot for hostel.
This might be a mere cliché to you, especially for a fresher. Trust me this is like the best thing you can do for yourself. Undergraduate fees for freshmen is around 50k or so. PS, it’s time to be a good child and start making your payment request from parents. While for staylites 15k is no ish. you can just save 3k for the next 5wks and you’re up for the session. The second drill; Hostel balloting. This I tell you is no joke. Except one way or the other you’re a friend of Bruce Wayne. Get your laptop and good network. Remember the date 28th November 2017, and may the bed space ever be in your favor.

Register your courses, so you can ballot. 

Hold on, that wasn’t the first point, it’s a normal thing in an undergraduate’s life. Now our official list is this ;
2) Learn a skill. When you hear skill this means a lot. Don’t limit it to just hairdressing or fashion design or the likes. Yes these are skills that are also very lucrative and in fact I advise you learn one of those. Trust me shoe making is cool ask Cuvroyale, or Event Decorations like Sparkles event, not to forget photography as wielded by Akin OJ. However have you heard of Digital skills? It’s organized by Google Inc., and it’s an online training platform, if you’re interested catch up via
We won’t be the first to tell you, that something you can do during the holidays is to learn a skill. Be an apprentice, or intern. You’ll learn what you won’t be taught in the classroom, and what you acquire will help you in the long run. You might even earn a few bucks. 

3) Personal development pertains to a lot of things, negative and positive. Notwithstanding I’ve been programmed to wire this write up for a positive aspect of self development. One is to  Read books like Art of War, this would work on your character alongside something by James Allen: “As a man thinketh”. This would help you psychologically, it has an effect on the way you think, it’s a cool book too. 
      I have also observed that a minute fraction of people in the faculty haven’t really found a way to appreciate their introvert personality. Lol, it’s normal to be a quiet folk, but it’s better to understand why you’re wired that way. I bring to you “Quiet by Susan Cain“. A book that takes you through the intricacies of an introvert just like you and the beautiful things to appreciate about your personality. 

Lastly, if you’d like to join a club or society this coming session, you can start reading up about them, eg for ADR read through ICC Arb Rules; for Maritime you can read up on the national and international Maritime sector; for tax club, get something on tax law, perhaps a 5-page pdf that’s cool. No knowledge is wasted. 
4) Creative Talents? 

This is a quick one for writers or creative developers. I wonder why you’re studying law though, but what can you say? Law gives you a wonderful platform to explore this. So you’re advised to read poems, books perhaps by Dan Brown, or John Grisham etc. they enlighten you with concepts on how to streamline ideas.  Write. Poems, Short stories, tales etc  Just write. There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write. You can even participate in writing competitions! For example we have amongst others. 
This advise also goes generally to everyone with a special talent perhaps dancing, singing etc. That’s why it’s a holiday, explore your passion for these activities too. Write your songs, sing them, make your arts, draw them, paint your boards display them. Record your dance moves, share them. Explore your passion, develop them. 
Please, don’t load a one corner video thank you.
5) Let’s get down with the L.L.B 

       Those that have seen their results and are not satisfied, make your complaints that’s your choice to make,  but this I advise you  do: 

1) Go to the prospectus, don’t worry ransacked your wardrobe or your room you’ll find it. Look for  the courses you’re about to face. Pen them down. e.g Admin law, Criminal law, Law of Trust, Evidence etc.. 

2) Since you’ll still have to read the recommended BIG, VOLUMINOUS text books some of you may not want to bore yourself out so early. Thus I advise you Download an English pdf book on them and read through. This gives you an idea about the subject. A fair start might boost your interest. 

3) Remember to read through the books with the scheme provided for in the prospectus. 
Finally, for those with Carryovers, let’s keep calm. I must say, this really hurts but we can’t afford to sweep things under the carpet. I want you to use this holiday to decide. E.g If you’re going to yr3 or 4 and you have an issue with contract, go back to the time table that’s been provided ( get this via your class rep) , skim the surface and pick for yourself  electives that won’t clash with contract or with Law of Tort or with Equity etc. That way you’re able to work with a time table that suits you. That way you’re able to focus on the grades you plan to achieve this coming semester. Don’t forget to involve your course advisor or any lecturer you find more friendly. 
The mind is a powerful tool for physical realization. Sometimes you need to be hard on yourself and ask the difficult questions. Scold yourself for the incompetence, that way you’ll be inconvenient at the sight of a mediocre result, that way you’ll be irritated with average. Then your MIND IS RIPE ENOUGH TO CONCEIVE EXCELLENCE. 

There you are! And your holiday won’t be a ‘waste’ after all. 

A gentle advice from a caring friend. 

Your welfare sec

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Thanks for coming back😁 Remember, the theme is still mountain dew. All feedback should be directed to, especially if you would like to join our themed writing challenge. Without further ado…


Kola stares wordlessly at the receptionist of the cement company he has an interview with.

The gum chewing girl,with fair skin mottled with dark patches, looks at him pityingly and repeats her statement,this time in pidgin English.

Oga,they don hire anoda person oh.Just yesterday. No more vacancy oh“, she finishes.

Kola thanks her and walks out of the air conditioned lounge and out the wide gates of the company’s premises.

Outside,he stands for a moment calculating his transport fare and decides heading to the BRT bus terminal will be better suited to his pocket at the moment.

The queue at the terminal is long and curvy, like a grass snake winding its way across a garden .

He buys a ticket quickly and joins the large mass of humanity on the queue to await the next bus.

He leans against the metal railing as other commuters squeeze past his line to get to their embarkment points.

He closes his eyes and sighs.

He remembers the dreams he had of getting a lucrative job and owning his own car before thirty .

Nigeria has devoured his dreams,the way it did to those before his.

Now, he is thirty one and unemployed.

He thinks of his retired parents who borrowed to pay his fees,how his mother sewed special aso oke for his graduation and travelled all the way from their village in Ilesha alongside his arthritic father to attend the ceremony.

He is jolted from his reverie by the sound of a lady’s yell.

‘Goddess’ is the first word that comes to his mind.

She is lightskinned and petite,with brown faux locs and is dressed in a black pant suit. Her slim feet are incongruously clad in rubber jelly heeled sandals.

The bearded man who bumped into her and spilled her bottle of Mountain Dew is yelling at her.

Aunty, dey look where you dey go oh! This na Eko!

She yells back, fierce little thing that she is.

You no fit say sorry shey? Common sorry!

Kola interjects and takes her arm gently.

It is okay. Leave him be, there’s a lot of craze in the streets of lagos.

She turns to face him as she concurs.

I definitely agree with that

Kola holds her bag as she tries to wipe off the spilled Mountain Dew with a floral hanky.

She smiles her thanks as she collects the bag from him.

And at once, his bad day is swept away by the beauty of the goddess’ gap toothed smile.

Perhaps she will give him her number.

Perhaps she will agree to be the mother of his future children.

But for now he smiles back at her and extends his hand.

Hi, I am Kola.
Written by Miracle Eme




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