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Hey, having a nice Thursday? Well, what if we told you it gets better? We have a request, please haunt the following people with the following vestiges of their ‘before moments’ which have survived the onslaught of instagram and fresh selfies. Some of them have probably forgotten they have such photographs of themselves.

So enjoy, and please comment which were your personal favourites…

Up first we have Mr Oyewumi
1. His Self-Esteem has never been a problem Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by on August 13, 2015 in History et Trivia, Humour


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Welcome to the World – Bafewa Sanni

Welcome To The World

With our hatred we birth something into this world
Something unholy
Something impure
Something we fear
Something we love
Something we want
And don’t want at all
Evil Read the rest of this entry »


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