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Good evening people. First things first. If this ‘holiday’ is not going as planned for you, then the Blog Committee is here to rescue you. If you are, however, enjoying the holiday on the other hand…. lol kindly indulge us please.
Okay. How many of us strongly remember that Eldee’s ‘Wash Wash‘ song back in 2011? You do? Chai! My sister you need to get married and FAST! age is no longer on your side.
Anyway, this article is based loosely around the ‘wash‘ concept. Now we all know what a ‘wash‘ is. All those supposedly little white lies and ‘formats’ that we all drop once in a while, just to feel bad ass. Relax! We all do it and it’s truly nothing to feel ashamed of.
As Law students, we present ourselves as the “crème-de-la-crème” of the entire University of Lagos society. And it’s true of course…for the most part. Sometimes however, our crème (cream) is just a little bit spoilt and rotten.
This article is dedicated to all those little lies and washes that go hand-in-hand with our black and white, well polished brogues, beautiful hairstyles and gigantic, over priced textbooks.
The rules are simple: Just Drop A Wash. That’s it. Drop a wash in the comment box. A popular wash. A funny wash. One that hits you close to home. One that irritates you. Any wash whatsoever. We’re basically giving you an opportunity to vent and rant. You can even include the name of the person who’s known for dropping that particular wash, along with the wash (if you get the mind shaa).
For example:
Year4 student running for LSS President: “I’ve never had a carryover before. Ah! Yes o, only A’s and B’s. And I don’t even know where the Law Library is”
LMUN person who’s never spoken to you before: “ahn ahn, my guy how far nw? How’s your dad? And your mum? And your brother? And sister? And your second brother? And that your roommate? What about your studies? Anyway, have you heard that LMUN…”
That popular Head of Chamber/ Association: ” Ah! You have to join my Chamber. It’s the best Chamber. In fact, we’re just the best everything. Yes! 200 internships every holiday. You know nw. That’s just how we do. Price of form? It’s just 1K bros”
I’m sure you all get the general idea. So please, fill up the comments section with all the ‘Faculty of Law‘ washes you can think of. Let’s all laugh away Company Law, Land Law, Criminal Law and Contract. Please ehn, let them be as funny, thought provoking and reasonable as you can think of. Don’t forget reasonable o, cos when someone is stabbing you behind Jaja hostel, we shall not be there to save you.
Finally, with the way this thing has been hyped, all the ‘Chaos‘ and ‘chaos is coming‘ everywhere, you’re probably expecting a prize or something for the comment with the most views/likes. lol sorry about that. No vex. Stop expecting please, there’s no money for prize giving in this economy abeg.
So go ahead, drop your favorite washes in the comment section, laugh, like, share, move on, come back et cetera. Ejoor!
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…the most hilarious ads ever…
By Law Students

So we’re Law Students! And by implication, our brains are home to some of the most creative, powerful and brilliant minds to be found anywhere on the planet! Today, we’re putting all those minds together to have a little bit of fun…just a little bit. Before the tension of resumption and the spirit of ‘Law Exams’ descend fully on all of us.

Your imagination ever just run wild and you wish for the craziest of things? Well you’re not alone…and you’re not crazy. Or at least you’re not crazy alone! Today, we’re taking all of those wishes, and placing them as ads, in the most hilarious ways possible.

How? Simple!
Let us know the craziest, almost impossible things you wish for, and tell us like we can actually give them to you.

Here are two examples from our very own Blog Admin, and a Hundred Level Student:

Name: William-Adusa Hosanna (but you can call me Shekau)
Gender: Male
Level: 400
…Is looking for a good CGPA, preferably 5.0 inches tall, and the type that is not ‘hard to get’. Must also not be the unsteady kind that fluctuates per semester, and must be of the species that doesn’t leave even if you do not study. Willing to pay 500 naira to anyone that can help procure one for me. Thank you.

Name: Hundred Level Student.
Gender: Female
Level : 100
…In need of a skilled time traveler. Someone to teleport me into 200l so I can finally start wearing white and black. Time traveler must have at least three years work experience… So he or she doesn’t mistakenly goan take me back to before I wrote jamb. You will be handsomely rewarded. Thank you

So there you have it! Easy right? The kinds of things that easily run across your own mind? You should totally do this then.

* State your name (that is already provided for before place your comment)
* Your gender
* And your current level
* Place your ad
* Send your comment
It’s that simple. Oh! And do you have another fantastic idea? By all means place another ad! The further your imagination goes, the better…
So hit the comments box, and let’s roll!

Note: we strongly recommend you tick the ‘notify me of new comments’ box, so as to remain up to date on the brilliant ads pouring in by other students…and check back regularly

We goooooooo!!!!


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In this edition, we bring to you a topic, well, not too intriguing, but then it’s quite interesting. It’s what people from other faculties think of we law students. As usual, various opinions were sampled, and minds were spoken. Enjoy.

“They like book too much, and they have hidden talents.” –Banks; Engineering.

“The ones I know are cool. Normal everyday students. In your white and black.” –Daniel; Architecture.

“The girls are hot. The guys are dumb af. They are cool people sha. But I think there’s lots of forming. I also feel they do co-operate and support one another tho.” –Lamipe; FSS.

“Uh I think they are really cool and highly intellectual set of people, at least the ones I know. They’re hard workers and people you can call the ‘leaders of tomorrow.’” –Tolu; Sciences.

“They are classy, intelligent, proud, and they have this air of authority they carry about when they walk. I think that black and white, o ma n gun yin gan (translated as ‘the black and white dressing gets into our heads’). Oh, and they’re friendly.” –Kenny; Accounting.

“I don’t know what to say about law students na. They are iintelligent and confident.” -Eche; Engineering.

“They are cool, I think. Well, people have the mindset that you guys are proud, but then I doubt. They’re misunderstood, mostly.” –Chineme; Arts.

“Lawyers are liars. So law students should be potential liars. They have no respect for each other, because they have no department. You think you can just wake up to a year five guy who will break your heart. Then you’re in year four. You run to engineering looking for potential husband. Bullocks.” –Chidubem; Engineering.

Hours and I’m still confused at the last response. Well well, people are entitled to their “opinions.”


IMG 20160120 WA0001  Taiwo Famakinde is a member of the Law class of ’19. She is a fun loving writer who likes to conduct interviews and vox pops (sampling people’s opinions on a particular issue). She enjoys reading, music and travelling.


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Fashion for Broke Law Students

Shopping for a closet full of monochrome outfits can be so tedious and then shopping for casual outfits and party outfits are definitely going to put a dent in your pocket if you are broke.

Who ever said you have to empty your bank account to be stylish definitely said wrong. Fingers are not equal and let me tell you a secret…They never will be, especially in our economy today, so if you are a fashion lover or you just want to look good on daily basis but your finances are holding you down, this is just for you.
Looking stylish isn’t all about wearing expensive clothes infact you could wear a three thousand naira dress and still look way better than someone wearing something worth 80k, it’s all about the way you put your outfits together and these are the top ways you could look stylish while being extremely broke.

• You are Fashion: Things go in and out of vogue constantly so it’s hard to keep up. Don’t be afraid to create your own style and stick to it be it street style or boho…you are what you wear, always remember that.
• Recycling: As some of you may know, I am literally the queen of DIY…all you have to do is find an outfit that you could easily try changing into a different outfit (you could go through my blog for diy tutorials, just follow step by step).

• Sales: Keep your eye out and ears down for notification of fashion sales. Usually boutiques have them during festive periods or holidays so now you can shop that stylish outfit or item for less.
• Don’t be decided by looks, the key is mixing and matching. Ransack your wardrobe for outfits and try re matching them together to see what fits and if you can’t tell, try wearing them on to see if you like it or use the Internet to get fashion inspo

• Don’t Try To Follow Trends otherwise you will get lost. If you are broke, respect yourself and stick to what you have and be fashionable with it. If you try following trends, you will end up penniless and like they say there’s nothing as good as creating your own trend (I think I formed that just now)
• Most Importantly, Save up: I feel like an hypocrite preaching this but it’s paramount you learn how to save, stop buying unnecessarily and save up your money. That way you can afford to get yourself something good and nice.
• Ransack Your Parent’s Closet: Believe I do that too….no matter their size or style,  they always have something there for you to wear or revamp to your own style. Do this with their permission ofcourse (wink).

• Dress Comfortably….The world won’t know you are broke unless you show them so try and look good….stylish not thrashy.
Don’t forget to subscribe to my personal blog and feel free to follow me on instagram @makeupbyziza.

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SELF-HELP FOR DUMMIES – How to Survive the Nigerian Valentine

Welcome.  You made it to 2016, a new and wonderful year. The ‘Year of the Monkey’ according to our chinko friends. We don’t know what message they’re trying to pass across, and we can only imagine what will happen when the ‘Year of the Goat’ rolls by. Maybe some isi ewu chilling or…anyway, that’s not the purpose of this article. The fact is that you’re here and it is your time to shine. Enjoy it.
Before you do so however, remember that it’s a new year and old things have passed away. You cannot continue living that rubbish life you were living in 2015. You cannot, we won’t let you. You must upgrade, and because we care, we shall help you in your journey towards becoming ‘version 2.0’. Only because we care o. That IS the purpose of this segment, your betterment in life. So when next you go to church, kindly say a prayer for us.  And if you feel a prayer is too small, then at the end of this article, we’ll drop our organisation’s account number, and then you’ll do the needful:D

First things first though before we continue, we know that there are some individuals in the abroad somewhere who probably feel that we’re stealing their intellectual property cos of the name of this segment. mmm if you like, sue us. After the ten plus years we’ll spend in Nigerian court, one kobo you’ll not see. We’re not saying that we’re broke o, but that’s just how it is. Secondly, it’s not by force to take our advice o. Before someone will goan say we have ruined his or her life and somehow somehow, the matter will end up at the babalawo’s place deep within the forest. Abeg o, if you know you’re wiser than us, carry your wahala and go. We are not forcing you, please.

That being said, we present ‘HOW TO SURVIVE THE NIGERIAN VALENTINE’

HADES: Run and hide. You’re a nigerian male and you wanna survive against the forces of poverty and despair? Just run and hide. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Journal of a Multi-Colored Lawyer – Anti-Valentine

By Mayowa Folami
I do believe I’m absolutely completely not looking forward to Sunday. I mean, I would like to be alive and well but Sunday is Valentine’s Day and I don’t like Valentine’s Day ! Yes, I’m a single lady who will probably not get a fake rose (not like I don’t have a good attitude or anything because I’m a nice girl; sometimes, that is.) or even 50 naira robo robo sweet…so spare me the incessant reminders that Valentine’s Day is coming.

But wait a minute, why is Valentine’s Day even celebrated? It’s not like it’s even a public holiday. It’s just a means of extortion as it is capitalist propaganda. If anything at all, it makes me long for the colour Black. Valentine’s turns the people into politicians, couples feel the need to buy exorbitant gifts to please and appease their lovers and for those without lovers…well they go in search of one (Infact I could probably get one before Sunday if I wanted).

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May all the law classes relish and bask in euphoric celebration and elation.
May we have no cause to repeat in our sophomore, intermediate,
quaternary and final years any preceding course during any
May our dreams and hopes as individuals, a society and a people come
to full actualization. Read the rest of this entry »

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