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You’re amazing. 
I hope you know that.

Our world is so weird, you know. It’s funny how we are continuously rebuked for being set apart. Somehow, we are the weird ones. Somehow, we don’t fit in. 

Well, I don’t know about you but I’ve never wanted to fit in. Standing out is more daring! Think about it. To be the one whose values still stand in the face of mediocrity. The one who keeps promises, the one to whom the little things matter the most. Some people call it weird, I call it insightfulness and intellectual separateness, in a good way.

It’s amazing how people get so much flack for not being a certain way, or doing certain things. Think about it, you’ve probably hated on a girl because of her weird fashion choice or a boy because he stuck out like a sore thumb. You’ve made fun of people because they don’t do things the regular way. We all have but the question remains, why should we even be regular? 

I find it intellectually daunting that people care so much about what others are doing, in their lives. One time, I overheard people talking about someone, complaining about what she did, in her own life and I wondered, why does someone’s actions that do not affect you in any way, why does it bother you so much? Why is his thinking odd because he does things a certain different way to come about one result? 

My darling different, yes you are different. Yes, you are weird, odd or some other adjective they’ve come up with again. They never run out of these things! Yes, maybe you’re too ‘deep’ and stand out like neon in a field of neutrals! Or you’re just carefree, happy as a breeze! 
It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re doing you. Be different because you want to, because that’s what you are. You’re amazing just the way you are. Maybe they don’t understand it, at least not yet. But don’t let it change you. 
Keep being different.
Spread your wings and fly!
Even if your wings are made of gold, not feathers.


Written By Titilope Adedokun


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1984 authored by George Orwell is undeniably among my favorite fictions of all time, I particularly love a line in it which goes thus: “Big Brother is Watching You”. (it comes embodied with raw confidence and calls for reflection).
I am not unaware of the recent developments on the blog, most especially some unnecessary comments posted on some write-ups. These comments are totally uncalled-for and the sad trend has to be stamped out. Some people hide under the cloak of anonymity to post hateful comments, little did they know their identity is quite revealing. As much as i would not like to lay blame on a name…The name “Author Pen-Dragon” calls for a check, perhaps the person is under the false illusion that he’s not known, making him free to lash out and thoroughly lambast other people online. Well, sorry to burst your bubble ,but your identity has been known from Day-1. (in the words of former Pres. Obasanjo : “I dey laugh”)
The Website committee is mindful of the fact that the blog sought to represent the online affairs of the Law Students Society Unilag, which is reflected by the materials we chose to publish, in the real sense of it…its a student’s blog and vulgar words are henceforth Prohibited. We get visits and messages from foreign blogs with their various remarks, compliments and suggestions, and we cannot afford to impugn the reputation of the Blog (the aim of the blog to promote unity amongst Law students is defeated when any published material is castigated without remorse).
So its very Simple, To Mr Author Pen-Dragon and any other instigator of crisis….Here’s an open Letter: Post any derogatory comment again, then we have no option than to reveal your identity. (We’ve got no problems with your hiding under another alias, we don’t just take hate-filled/vulgar/inciteful comments kindly.) I leave you with a Quote Sir :

“you can fool some of the people all the time, you can fool all the people some of the time, but you can never fool all the people all the time”

(Big ups to everyone sending their materials and all)

Send all write-ups, materials, suggestions et recommendations to



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