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With the LSS games seemingly drawing closer ,we are obliged to take an indepth look into the teams as well as marquee players with the potential of making the tournament worth while .

Newbies to the games but certainly not lacking in confidence .The class in their first competitive match played wonderfully well,only to be hard done by a late samba penalty during this year’s novelty match against the faculty team .A team consisting of young ,determined talents and would be looking to cause an upset in this year’s games .


The pacy winger has been deployed by his team to play as second striker for the purpose of the games .With the ability to ghost past defenders and good hold up play in his arsenal,he would definitely be their main goal threat .Scoring on his debut for the class in the 2-1 defeat to the faculty team,he has gone on to impress .Winning the inaugural Flufa club system with Vado FC and hitting in 3 goals in as many matches .

He would definitely be a force to reckon with .


Another player to anticipate is versatile defensive midfielder Eze.Although originally a defensive midfielder ,Eze can also feature in different defensive positions this he did for club side Dorchester UNITED were he played as a make shift defender for the suspended lenny ,instrumental in his team getting to the final .

The hardtackling midfielder ,whose main shortcoming is his lack of good passing range ,other than that a joy to watch.
A team with abundance of talent ,but however lacked productivity last year registering just a single point at the games .Would be looking to amend that broken record at this year’s games .Hoping that some certain players turn up,those players include :

The influential talisman of the class of 20′ .last year’s highest goal scorer at the competition as well as leading marksman during the FLUFA CLUB SYSTEM tournament ,although his goals couldn’t see his team through .

His strength lies in his pace,trickery,great ball control ,balance ,agility ,and especially a great eye for goal.

With over 15 goals scored in competitive matches for his class ,a player which all teams have to take note of especially the class of 17 ,whom he scored a HATTRICK against last year sealing a thrilling 3-3 draw .

Playing in a variety of positions ,either as the main striker ,the attacking midfielder or even on the wings .

However he seems to tire out easily,apart from that ,a man in fine goal scoring form.a star in the making .

Another player to look out for during the games is all-rounder utility player efemena.

The versatile playmaker ,One of the very few players in the faculty boasting the ability to play anywhere on the pitch if required ,but usually been deployed as a forward where he can hurt defences.

He brings the experience to the team alongside other key players ,with his industry,pace,trickery,tenacity,a good passing range and a great eye for goal ,although couldn’t find the net for his class during last year’s games also with over 10 competitive goals for the class of 20′ .


The Captain of the Law Class of 20 Football team. He is the heart and soul of the team and his passion for the game is second to none. He is known for his ability to drive forward from the Centre of the midfield and draw challenges from opponents, even though unfortunately, he has failed to find the back of the net in any of his appearances. His influential performances however, helped drive his club team, Dorchester United to the final of the FLUFA competition where they lost on penalties to Vado FC. Although not as assured of a starting place like Last year, the captain of the team will certainly feature for them this year and drive them to victory

The team poses a huge physical challenge to other teams as they consists on strong muscular atheletes .Nevertheless ,potential title challengers but would be needing huge starlets to be in red hot form


Arguably the best footballer in the faculty ,truly a player that has it all starting from blistering pace,amazing awareness ,great control ,trickery as well has a huge physical presence .

Nominated as the shock revelation during last year’s games ,although did not have a great tournament with his team finishing fourth with just a single sin .I.e a 3-0 hammering of the class of 20 with Robert scoring one and assisting the remaining. 

He featured for his club side MAFIA FC during the FLUFA CLUB system tournament scoring 4 times ,but was also unable to see his team through to the final .

The main target man for the class of 19 ,through him all goals come forth .

He would want to make a definite statement to the teams I’m the faculty as well the university of Lagos .


The leader of the titanic ship that is the class of 19 .The heartbeat of the midfield of the team 

The versatile central midfielder brings the creativity and experience to the team. As well as Robert failed pull his club side through during the club system tournament and would be looking to right the wrongs at this year’s games .


A thorn in the sight of every attacker that comes in contact .The centre back has formed a formidable pairing alongside Peter Paris in the heart of the defence .

Going forward he poses a massive threat with his great presence in the box and would be looking to prevent as well as notch up goals for his class team .
Finalists in the finals of 2015 ,and also missing out of last year’s final due to points deduction after a clash of players between the said class and the class of 19 .

However , a strong team not lacking in depth . A team that truly should be feared .

Captain of the squadron .Traditionally a midfielder ,Kay also amongst the special players who can play in various positions if required .This great attribute was portrayed as he was instrumental in his club side’s title charge in the Flufa club system competition.

A tenacious midfielder ,who often tends to show his aggressive side as well as his creativity coupled with great composure .

He would need to be in red hot form if his team is to succeed in their charge for the title .

Another versatile player who could be deployed anywhere on the pitch if required .

With his amazing pace and dribbling skill giving him the ability to ghost past players showcased during his club side’s title win in the club system final.

It is fair to say that varlo and Kay are both wonderful individual players but, both perform better with on another complementing the other .And they would be key to their teams hope of lifting the grand prize .
A class truly boasting of raw talents ,finalists in the last two tournaments but still yet to win the golden prize.This being their final year,maybe third time is the charm .

With the most experienced squad going into this year’s games ,they would be hoping that certain players can fulfill all righteousness .
1.QUASIM captain for the class .Would definitely bring his A-game ,with his creativity ,strength and balance to the heart of the team’s midfield .

Missed out of the club system tournament due to injury ,hopefully returns with a bang.

His ability to spot a pass ,would be of paramount interest by all and sundry .one thing is for sure other teams better be wary of the midfield maestro


Storming out of the blocks would see seyilaw ,the blistering winger with abundance of speed and trickery in his arsenal .A thorn in the sight of any defender going against him.

Another winner with team Vado at this year’s FLUFA CLUB system tournament notching up 2 goals .He would want to put his decisive penalty miss of last year that handed the title to the class of 16 .Would definitely want to make amends for the error and bring home the trophy .


Macho as he is popularly known by all .The captain of the star studded team and an embodiment of strength (c’mon look at this man ) .His awareness sets him apart from the reminder of the squad .

Once again another player with the ability to play in any position if required .Creativity and industry is key to captain fantastic and he would want to lead this team to victory this time around with one last try .
With the host of players surrounding the class of 17′ one major problem for them is going to be taking their chances when created as we all witnessed what happened in last year’s finale .
 With the quality of players on show ,this promises to be a thrilling tournament .

Efemena Enivwenaye


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Year 5.

Last year’s Black Panthers are probably the favourites for this year’s tournament. If they can get themselves to train that is. They got so close last year, losing on penalties to the then year 5. Seyi Law must still have nightmares about the woodwork, even his mates now call him barrister Seyi as only him seems to be called to bar
Key Players: There is a lot of quality in the side but few players are some worth mentioning. You probably know them but let me just do my job.
Tobolos– Highest scorer for the class of 17. He has been in incredible form having just scored his first the year before the last. His most potent skill is notably his dedication and sheer will. He is not one to lose the ball as he will chase it to every corner of the pitch. Let’s hope his will will will his team to victory. 

Macho– Power, Leader, Composure, snake bite that’s all. 

Quasim– the multi talented sports maestro is the silent commander on the pitch. He isn’t overly glowing on the pitch but in the shadows he orchestrates the play like the master full puppeteer. 

Seyi law for honourable mention. With a playing style that reminds you a little bit of zaha and penalty woes like zaza let’s hope he can improve and remedy his errors 

This quartet can decide the games by themselves. Skill, workrate and end product are in abundance and defences (and attacks) should beware.
Special mention to Pelumi…and Dormo.
Year 4.

Last year’s Winter Soldiers, can they bring on the heat this time around? Their classmates will hope so. They’ll want to bring the trophy back from Law School (or Pryce’s studio). With their recent history, it’ll be fun to see how they temper their anger without curbing that amazing competitive spirit that has made them so interesting.
Key Player: Kay. This fantastic piece of footballing magic is probably the faculty’s best utility player (Robert might disagree though). Rumors had it that he would have played for Southampton if not that he thought they were too small a team for him. And he wants to focus on his Law career, of course.

Special mention goes to Russell also known as Q. And Ogalu Bolaji whose twinkle toes seems to be one of the many talents that make their class a unique blend.

You can practically hear Robert shouting it. The class has a lot of very good players and will be looking to go all the way to the title. Hopefully, Cannon can finally become a title winning coach.
Key Player: Robert. The only forward that is box to box. Trust me, you haven’t seen anything like this (except you watched his last game of course). Special mention to the rest of the team, his supporting cast.
They also have a new intake in the defensive midfielder Olu who seems to just be the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of their team. ( Well to some the team plays like they are puzzled)
Year 2.

The Class of 2020, the former antmen, are no longer strangers to the Faculty’s sporting event, which means they have no more excuses for failure. Everyone expected a stronger performance from them last year but they failed to live up to expectations. This year however they are not the same team they were last year. They have trained and improved their team for the games but will it be enough to see them crowned victors this year? We can only watch.
Key Player: Femi. The rock. The only 4. This Kante/Gattuso/Casemiro hybrid has improved from the average DM he was last year to a beast who dazzles match after match. Known for not giving up, there’s no need to dribble him because he won’t leave you alone. The Class of 20 can’t wait to get their amazing DM to work.
Special mention to Efemena, Ayo, Afilaka, Semiloore, Khalil, OMIO. Lemme kuku mention the whole team.
Year 1.

The rookies. The debutants. The new boys on the block, sorry pitch. Anyways, the Law Class of 21 are not here to play with anyone. They’re here to win. A formidable team, their strength is in teamwork (what do you expect in a team sport?) rather than individual brilliance. They’ll surely be a pleasure to watch, not play against. Robert might have something to say about that though.
Key Player: John. In an era filled with brilliant attacking players, it’s refreshing to see a defensive player like John (and Kante) take after Femi from the Law Class of 20 and put on a wonderful show for the spectators. Tackles, interceptions and the occasional goal make John a delight to watch. Attackers, beware!
Special mention to Dami and Laolu.​


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There was only one match  on Saturday, 16th of July 2016. This match was of varying importance to both teams. The Year 1 (Antmen)  did not have anything at stake as this was their last match and they were just playing for pride meanwhile the Year 2 (war machines) knew a win would take them to 4 points and a chance at making it to the final. 


The match was played around 11am in the morning, the year 2 team replaced Orji with Peter, while Robert played as a supporting striker in a bid to remedy their goal scoring problem. On the side of the Antmen most of their players were not prepared for the match, Ayo was not in the starting lineup which goes to show how depleted their squad was. 
There was no need for statistics as it was total domination from Year 2, the first half gave us goals from Robert and Idowu Lawrence while the second we had only one goal from John Oduoye. When Ayo eventually came on the damage was already done and there was no coming back from the defeat. The team of the day comprised of the starting lineup of the War machines. The match ended 3-0 in favor of the war machines.
The War machines now have four points from 3 games and face the winter soldiers on Monday, 18th of July 2016, and know a win from that game could get them into the final depending on the result in the match between Year 4 and Year 5.

1 CLASS OF 17 3 2 1 0 6 4 +2 7

2 CLASS OF  16 3 1 2 0 2 1 +1 5

3 CLASS OF 19 3 1 1 1 3 1 +2 4

4 CLASS OF 18 3 1 1 1 4 4 0 4

5 CLASS OF 20 4 0 1 3 4 9 -5 1
The final round of matches  will let us know which  teams will make it to the final, as all teams except the  Year 1 (Antmen ) still have an equal chance of making it.  May be the best teams make it into the finals. Come out and support your class team, it promises to be entertaining.

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Matchday 4 was played on Friday, 15th July, 2016. There was only one match for the day. Year 5 (Ironmen) against Year 3 (Winter Soldiers). Heading into this match Year 5 had 4 points after winning 1 match and drawing the other while Year 3 had only 3 points after winning 1 match and losing the other. Last year both teams played and Year 3 triumphed 1 goal to nil on the opening day after Kay scored a sweet freekick. Both teams needed a win to boost their hopes of getting into the final.


The match kickoffed around on 4:00pm under the hot sun at the UNILAG sand pitch. The crowd turnout was not much due to the fact there was only one match. The Ironmen were wearing their beautiful dark blue jersey with an orange patch on the shoulder. The winter soldiers were putting on their not so impressive grey jerseys.
The winter soldiers retained the same starting 11 that beat the Antmen while Laolu, started his first match of the competition for the Iron men. The early minutes of the match belonged to the winter soldiers as they searched for an early goal to unsettle the Ironmen. One  major disappointment for the winter soldiers has been the form of Murphy their star striker, most of the passes that got to him, it was either he failed to beat his marker  or his shot was wayward. Timi was presented with a beautiful chance but his inability to use his left foot failed him as he could not shuffle the ball quickly to his right foot before he was dispossessed. 
The best chance for the Ironmen fell to Jide Williams as his shot was acrobatically saved by Ivan for a corner.  There was a controversial incident when the Ironmen moved on the counter and a long ball was floated over the defence of the winter soldiers, the ball was destined to meet Ore Nino who was already on the move but Kay took one for the team as he used his hands to stop the ball. The Ironmen felt he should have been shown a straight red card but the referee decided otherwise and a yellow card was shown to him, he was probably lucky he was not the last man as he had Tochukwu covering up for him. 
Their freekick resulted to nothing. Jide Williams was continually disturbing the defence of the Winter soldiers as he was playing on the shoulder of the defenders to get to the through balls being played by Yemi Adebo and the influential Laolu but was caught offside a couple of times. The halftime whistle sounded and the players gladly welcomed it as the sun was quite hot, they refreshed with lots of water to avoid dehydration after playing their hearts out.
The second half resumed and the Ironmen were playing from right to left as while the Winter soldiers were playing in the opposite direction. The match was becoming feisty as a couple of rough challenges brought about freekicks for the winter soldiers. 

It wasn’t long before we had our first goal, the Ironmen conceded a throw in on the right flank of their defence.  Varlo went for his trademark long throw and Tochukwu joined the attack upfront. Varlo threw the ball straight to Tochukwu who had one thing on his mind to head the ball into the opposition box, but the ball went straight up in the air and Tochukwu went for the airball again and headed it straight to Varlo who didn’t wait for the ball to land as he volleyed it straight into the net, I couldn’t have described it better as you needed to be there to see the best  goal in this tournament so far. 
There was initial confusion on whether it was a goal or not as the referee checked with his linesman to confirm what he saw. The referee pointed straight to the middle to confirm the goal…1-0 to Winter soldiers!!!

The rest of the match saw the winter soldiers sit back and absorb pressure to protect their lead as it because it looked like they were getting fatigued. A scuffle broke off when the Ironmen won a freekick in their own half and a player of the winter soldiers moved  the ball back to where the foul happened but Year 5 players when not happy with movement of the ball backwards by the winter soldiers. The referee handled the incident and calmed the nerves of both teams. 

The winter soldiers had a chance to double their lead when Kola was brought down  like 24 metres from goal, Russell and Kay deliberated who should take it but Kay eventually took it but it was a big disappointment for all the fuss before the freekick, as the ball flew high and wide.

At the other end of the pitch, a player of the Ironmen was brought down in a similar position, Kay took the ball back to the position where the foul was commuted but SAS took exception and both players had to be separated as tempers were rising due to the importance of the match. The referee handled the altercation superbly for the freekick to be taken. 

Laolu stepped up and took it but it the ball sailed wide and high over the bar. The efforts of the Ironmen was eventually rewarded when a long throw by Tochukwu of year 5 was not well cleared by Tochukwu of the winter soldiers as the ball deflected of his body and found its way into the path of the onrushing Ore Nino  but Ivan was alert to palm the ball away from goal  until Jide arrived to poke the ball in from a tight angle. The scores were level 1-1. 

That was not the end of the battle as Tochukwu went up for two consecutive corners to make amends for his mistake but the first header was brilliantly cleared away from goal by the defenders of the Ironmen. Russell floated the second corner from the left wing but Tochukwu second header sailed over the bar. That was pretty much all of the action as the referee signaled for full time. The final score 1-1.










*Stats by Olumayowa Akinyemi 

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The 3rd matchday of this competition on Wednesday, 13th of July  presented us with two fixtures in the mould of Year 2 (War Machines) versus year 4 (Black panthers) and year 3 (Winter Soldiers)  taking on year 1 (Antmen).


One important aspect I have noticed from the Year 2 aka War machines is the way they dominate the midfield and today was not different but they still lack that striker that will score the goals for them. They were putting on  their white jerseys  with a red vertical stripe down the side while Year 4 wore their black jerseys with a white vertical stripe down the side.
There was not much action to report in the first half other than wayward shots by the War machines mainly by Robert and Idowu Lawrence. The Black panthers were satisfied with putting long hopeless balls through the middle of the centre back pairing of Orji and Lenny who cleared the halls with ease. I was particularly impressed with Lenny who was using eye glass to play but was still brave in going up for any airball.
The likes of Quasim and Dennis were pretty much doing their best to prevent any clear cut chance to the war machines, as the War machines won a lot of freekicks from the fouls the Year 4 team were committing. The delivery by Idowu Lawrence was not impressive at all.The first half ended without much incident.
The second half started and year 4 were attacking from left to right and year 2 in the opposite direction. It was same of the same except for the controversial goal scored by the black panthers like five minutes to the end. It was a bitter pill to swallow for the War machines after their dogged defending and midfield dominance. 
A long ball was chased down by Quasim down the left wing which he got due to his athletic strength, at first the Year 2 thought the ball had gone out for a corner but the referee waved play on and Quasim crossed the ball into the box and the tall imposing Dominic crashed a header into the net of the War machines to make it  1-0 to  the black  panthers. 

They defended their lead for the few minutes left until the referee blew his whistle for the end of the match. It was a smash and grab win for the black panthers. The War machines will feel let down by the goal they conceded as they didn’t deserve to lose the match. It will serve as a lesson to all teams not to stop playing unless they hear the whistle of the referee.









*Stats by Olumayowa Akinyemi


Before the match, the Antmen had bragged that they will beat the Winter soldiers because of the individualistic nature of the year 3 team as they play like Belgium atimes. Whether this was true or the Antmen were speaking out of youthful exuberance, this match was there to answer these questions . The year 3 had lost their first match to the Black panthers on the first matchday 2 goals to 1 and were in a precarious situation as anything other than a win would spell doom for them. 
Ayo was talked up a lot after he scored three goals against the Year 4 team, he was putting on Tobolos boots for the match, whether this was a sign of generosity or a ploy by the black panthers to encouarge Ayo to cause more harm  to year 3 team one couldn’t decipher. Both teams made changes to their lineups as Kay was drafted in to play the centre back position alongside Tochukwu and Bolaji was replaced by Timi in the starting lineup while the Antmen welcomed the strength and height of Omio into their midfield. 
The first half belonged to the Winter soldiers as they were out to prove a point. Varlo was particularly impressive as he had a couple of shots but they were always flying away from goal, likewise Timi and Murphy who was having a bad day in office as his finishing was letting him down. 
The main outlet of attack for the Antmen on rare occasions was through Ayo but was repeatedly stopped in his tracks by Tochukwu, whether his new boots were hindering him or the three goals he has scored so far made him a marked man, I couldn’t say for sure as he was not at his usual best. Kay was doing well at the back as his confidence on the ball was on display throughout the fist half. There was no goal to report in the first half as the lack of cutting edge from both teams particularly the Winter soldiers showed as they were perplexed on why they were not leading yet.
Both teams resumed hostilities in the second half with the winter soldiers playing from left to right and the Antmen in  opposite direction. The Antmen started with renewed vigor as they sought an early goal and were rewarded when a harmless cross by Omio was not well handled by Ivan who had been untroubled till now, the ball dropped out of his hand as he was about to catch it in the air, and Khalil was on hand to bundle it in to quell any suggestions whether the ball was on the line or was an own goal. 1-0 to the Antmen.
The Winter soldiers were all looking like they had all seen a ghost. They managed to pickup the ball to restart the game. The next piece of action was an instant reply from the Winter soldiers as Timi picked up the ball from the right wing and played it into the path of Murphy who used his long legs  to good effect as he brought it down and scored a striker’s typical goal with his  left foot. 1-1 the drama just got started. 
The winter soldiers kept on asking the questions as there were waves upon waves of attack to the defence of the Antmen. The long throws and the repeated runs by Tochukwu during corners was a cause of concern for  the Antmen.  Their defence eventually crumbled like 10 minutes to the end of the match when a long throw by Varlo found its way into the defensive territory of the Antmen and they failed to clear it as Tochukwu poked the ball into an empty net for his first goal in the competition after a defensive mixup by Ugbah and his defenders. 

That proved to be the match winner and the first 3 points  for the winter soldiers this year who brought back memories on the way they played last year in their unbeaten run to the final. Final score 2-1 to the year 3 team.









*Stats by Olumayowa Akinyemi

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The battle for supremacy in the faculty of law continued on Monday 11th of July. The matches for the day were year 2 (War Machines) who we got to see in action  after their no-show at the preseason games up against  year 5 (Ironmen) and also year 1 (Antmen) versus year 3 (black panthers).

The match was played on the sand pitch inside sports centre. The war machines were putting on a beautifully sewed white shirt with a red vertical stripe on white shorts, an improvement on the jersey they wore last year. The Iron men were putting on their usual dark blue jersey with an orange patch on the shoulder with dark blue shorts. The key question was how well will the war machines gel seeing as they just merged together from diploma and year 1. While the Iron men had only one thing on their mind to garner more points. Some star players on show were Idowu, Robert, Omeiza, Orji for the year 2 team while Year 5 star players were Yemi Adebo, Jide, SAS, Ore Nino to go into battle with.
The match kickoffed and was all about the Robert and Idowu running rings round the defence of the Iron men with their lung bursting runs and passes  but there no goal for all the efforts by the War machines. A rare attack by the Iron men brought about a penalty which was unfortunately missed by Birdy for Year 5. The match was becoming boring due to the fact that Year 5 chose to pack the bus and play on the counter for most of the first half. It ended in a goalless draw in the first half. 
The second half started the same way the war machines ended it, as they continued to dominate the midfield but there was no end product maybe due to their lack of a good finisher upfront. The match ended in a 0-0 draw. The Iron men will no doubt be happy with the draw while the War machines may regret not converting their midfield dominance into goals.










55 POSSESSION (%) 45
*Stats by  Olumayowa Akinyemi


Heading into this match, this looked like a David and Goliath battle, but the final result showed that overconfidence can be dangerous atimes.

The match started immediately after the earlier boring match that produced no goals between Year 2 and Year 5. In this match year 1 wore their yellow strips while year 4 wore their black and white jersey. The Black panthers started without Macho who had an injury scare in the match against Year 3 while Seyi law shrugged off his injury to start against the Antmen. 
The early proceedings were dominated by year 4 due to their experience on the ball and they were rewarded when Tobolos who started the match stuck with a sweet drive after a defensive mixup by the Antmen. This really sparked more energy into the game as the Antmen began to threaten down the left wing through Ayo who was ably supported by Khalil and Efe who was really getting in the faces of the black panthers midfielders. 
The Year 1 players didn’t let their spirit drop as they scored two quick fire goals before halftime. A rare corner by the Antmen resulted in a goalmouth scramble and Ayo was there to poke the ball home. Ayo increased the tempo with his quick feet and trickery which every defender of the black panthers fell prey to. The next goal came from a flowing counter attacking move by the Antmen who exploited the lack of pace at the centre of the defence of the black panthers, as Ayo expertly scored through the legs of Year 4 goalkeeper when he was one on one with him. The first half ended 2-1 in favor of the Antmen.
The second half saw the introduction of Macho and Pablo to possibly help spark  a comeback or even win the match. The lead for the Antmen didn’t last too long as year 4 got a penalty after Dominic was bundled over, which Tobolos missed at first but scored the rebound. The scores were level  2-2 !!! 
The next key action was when Pablo scored a simple tap in after the buildup involving Quasim and Macho. The year 1 were shocked as they tried to understand how they let slip their lead. Their inability to get the ball out of their defence often led to misplaced passes. I don’t blame their naivety as this is their debut at the LSS games. 
However, they made a couple of changes such Semilore coming on. They showed they were not done when the trio of Khalil, Efe and Semilore exchanged passes near the box 18 of the black panthers and Semilore was brought down. Their was initial confusion as to whether that was a penalty or a freekick. The referee pointed to the spot for a penalty, the likes of Mr Ajayi and Ibrahim questioned the referee over the call but the referee was not moved. There was a chance of a hattrick for Ayo but he chose not to take it as their captain Khalil took the responsibility of taking it, all the nerves were showing in him, he struck the penalty low and hard to the middle but the keeper saved it but it was bundled in by no other person than Ayo who alongside Robert from Year 2 have been the revelation of this tournament for me so far.
So the match ended in a 3-3 draw what a match, If you missed the match, I couldn’t have described it better for you.










*Stats by  Olumayowa Akinyemi

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The highly anticipated LSS games aptly tagged “civil war”  began on Friday, 8th of July with football taking the centre stage on the main bowl of the UNILAG sports centre.
The fixtures for the day were Year 1(Antmen) taking on Year 5 (Iron Men) and the second match for the day, Year 3 (Winter Soldiers)  versus Year 4 (Black panthers).

Prior to the match, the Antmen had bragged at the press conference when asked what was the reason why they could beat the Ironmen, they replied that it was that the Ironmen were already old and slow and they would beat them easily. Jones Ayuwo, the coach of the Ironmen said at the press conference that they were playing to have fun and if possible win the trophy since this is their final shot at the competition.
Straight to the match, both teams walked out to the tune of Champions League anthem, after that the national anthem was belted out by Dolapo from year 2. Both teams shook hands with the LSS president and the sports secretary and themselves. They both snapped their team photos, the Antmen were sporting yellow shirts on yellow shorts while the Ironmen were putting on dark blue shirts with an orange patch  on the shoulder with  dark blue shorts. The weather was hot and the playing turf at the main bowl didn’t look good at all due to high grass on some sections of the pitch.
Year 5 took the kickoff playing from right to left and year 1 in opposite direction, the key player missing for year 1 was Omio who marshals their midfield alongside Khalil and Efe. A funny sight was Ugbah (Year 1 goalkeeper ) who was wearing no boots as he did at the novelty match, whether this is a match ritual remains to be seen though.
The early proceedings was tight with both teams trying to get used to the bumpy pitch. Year 5 resorted to long balls always looking for the runs of Ore Nino and Jide. Yemi Adebo was marshaling the midfield very well. While SAS and Segun were stopping the counter attacks by the Antmen. Whenever the Antmen were in possession they were always displaying some Tika taka stuff mainly due to their lack of height with Efe, Semilore and mainly Ayo leading the onslaught.
Towards the end of the first half, the Ironmen won a freekick in 35 metres from goal. Yemi Adebo stepped up to take it and floated it to the head of Jide Williams who scored with a looping header over Ugbah after he was left unmarked by the Antmen. Jide’s goal was his first goal after 480 minutes of football since the last LSS Games. That was the final action of the first half as the referee blew for halftime.
The second half started frantically  with the  rejuvenated Antmen threatening to equalize. Khalil started to have a much wider influence on the game with the through balls he was giving to Ayo who was taking out players with his quick feet and close control. He had a shot that was cleared away for a corner but the resulting corner was poor and it was all in vain. They were a lot of fouls in favor of year 1 due to their small stature.
Year 5 regained control after been pegged back at the beginning of the second half, they were rewarded with a penalty and Jide Williams stepped up with a chance to equalize but Jide squandered it by shooting the ball wide of the gaping goal. The match petered out to a dull end as no side was able to take score any other goal.
The final score was 1-0 in favor of Year 5, I guess the experience and height advantage of year 5 helped them as year 1 were not able to effectively play their usual free flowing ground passes as we had seen at the preseason games on the main bowl bumpy pitch and also missed the strength of Omio in the middle. Read the rest of this entry »

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