3 years ago, the Class of 16 probably wouldn’t have believed that they would ever be in this position. The seniors of the faculty go into the competition for the first time not as favourites, and with few having faith that they could lift the trophy. They have greatly dwindled over the years, fitness levels have greatly dropped, Jide’s not nearly as lethal as he once was, Alooma barely threatens anyone, and they seem to have a new coach/captain after every competition amongst many other issues. They are the Ironmen for the purpose of the Civil War, because not only are they one of the “OGs” in the Faculty, not only do they have a liking for debonair suits and ties, but the source of their power lies in their centre (whether it be Laolu, Jide, or Adebo)
The Key Issue(s) For Determination : It’s been over 480 minutes since Jide Williams last scored in the LSS Games, hence, the big question is can they get him to start shooting correctly again? And if they choose to deploy him as a goalkeeper, can whoever replaces him upfront get them goals?
The Manager: Coach Jones Ayuwo like his predecessors (Messrs. Aturu, Tochukwu and Jaiyesimi) would seek to apply his own stamp or brand of football on his team. This may either further destabilize or add some balance to the team. He experiments freely with his players’ positions and tactics. He has the ears of his players and has managed to be successful in the many pre-season matches that his team has been involved in.
3 Key Players
Yemi Adebo: Yemi is probably the only Ironman to have preserved his dignity as a footballer last year. Captain terrific has played practically every single position for his team, and his versatility, strength, fitness and will to win is extremely pivotal to his team’s success at this year’s games.
Jide Williams: Jide was once the quintessential ice man in the Faculty of Law, and although the recent facts on paper may not back up his status, his presence will forever serve as a menace to opposition defences. Don’t be too surprised to see him played as a goalkeeper, depending on the opposition, seeing as anything goes at this years’ competition. Strength on the ball, deadly striker instincts, finishing, versatility and skill, Jide is one of the most complete players in the Faculty, and would be looking to say goodbye on a high.
Laolu: The lanky Yaya Toureesque CM is one of the most formidable forces that’ll be on display at this year’s games. With skill, strength, presence and a footballing brain, this man who captained the Faculty of Law team at last year’s sports festival, is one the biggest threats that awaits teams at this year’s LSS Games.

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