My beauty is like the sun, you’re always aware of my presence. When you behold me, everything around you fades off.
Don’t go too far, I remain with the reason for your existence.
My feel strikes you like the chains that bound Solomon. You can only touch me, you can’t tear apart what keeps me together.
You sometimes stand and just stare at me, trying to comprehend what makes me this attractive, probably you’d be able to pull it apart. But no, each string makes you discover how much more beauty lies around me.
You seldom sit and smile to yourself, with the reason that I’m something you can’t explain. If you could show how much you long to see me each day, it would be just sulking on the life I give you.
No exhibition room filled up the world’s richest and best critics can determine my worth.
It would be better if I was given away at no price by a stupid person to a wise one, than to be traded for anything.
If words could explain how indescribable my creation is, then I overestimated my worth.

I think I became too proud along the way. This is probably how you felt when you first saw me, I took away your breath. It’s true I do not look like you, even though I carry your symbols of justice. I know I’m a little bit different, more exposed, and blind, but this shouldn’t be the reason you then become oblivious of my existence. I want that look I once saw on your face.
I’m told I would be here for decades, until I am carried away to the corner of the faculty building, scaring away passers by, just like my predecessor.
Yes I am wood, but also a woman in need of admiration.
You only have some years to spend around me, the least you can do is smile at me when you pass by in your white and black or sit at my feet so I’ll listen to some of your gossips.
Give me the attention I had when I was just brought here. I have suffered from so much heat and cold, while helping you hold your junk.
The man before me would probably have been better for the job, as, he had the instruments you use in his hands. But, instead, I was chosen.
Please look at me one more time and give me all the love I deserve before I am taken away.
If you still do not appreciate my presence, I will continue holding on to your stuff. Well…
I understand that I’m only a work of art, I’m no human!

-Isola Bunmi


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